Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Small Weddings day 2

I have decided to make this 'little wedding week' Today we tackle the Ceremony, you know the boring legal part before the party gets started?!

Having a smaller wedding may cause you to look for some different things to incorporate into your service. Some suggestions given to me by people on newsgroups and other friends:

>Instead of a processional, allow guests to mix and mingle before the service over wine and cheese. Give a toast to start the event, and then have everyone proceed to their places.

>Give each member of your families a flower, and have them line the aisle. As the bride proceeds towards the altar, she takes each one and assembles her bouquet as she goes, symbolizing the contributions the family makes to this union.

>Consider having your families & guests stand up for the entire service, at your side just as attendants would be in a larger wedding.

>Have members of your family do the readings

>Ask each of the guests to say a few words about the couple, or ask them to write a few things down ahead of time, and assemble them into a document for one person to read aloud.

>Incorporate ethnic or family traditions that may have fallen by the wayside through the years. Contact older family members, or research wedding traditions via the web or the library.

>Make your wedding program more substantial, more of a booklet and keepsake. Include messages to each of the guests and explanations of why you chose your flowers, readings, colors, music, etc. If your wedding is held in a unique place, give some information about it, too.

>Be your own "ushers" when it comes to dismissing people after the service. Greet each guest as they leave the pew.

>Encourage each guest to use an entire page of your guestbook to share comments, advice, or other messages. You'll have many more lines of space than you'll have guests, so put it to good use and get a nicer keepsake of your guests!

from wee advice

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