Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Need a manly ring?

There is a new-ish trend in mens wedding bans that forgo diamonds and are more "macho" and "understated" A lot of men are going to comfort-fit Tungsten bands for their left hand bling.

That is GREAT news for you brides. Tungsten is A LOT less $$$$ than your traditional white or yellow gold. Not to mention they are WAY more durable. The downside, if your beloved was ever hurt, they would have to remove his finger before they could get the ring off. That stuff is powerful and can not be cut!

Here is where I got Mr. D's ring and I mean it was OVERNIGHT for $99 flat! No tax, no shipping fees. He has forcefully worn it for over a year! LOL


  1. I posted a comment before but something must have messed up.

    Aside from Tungston not being able to be cut it however can be shattered. Hospitals do have vicegrips on hand as well as EMS techs. By applying equal pressure on either side of the ring. Tungston can be shattered.