Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm Baaaaacccccckkk!

So I didn't fall off the face of the earth totally just logistically. I have been stuck in the black hole of the United States (Arkansas) and finally made it home Friday night.  What a trip.....Let's just say no one should make a pregnant lady fly anywhere at 32 weeks where there isn't food service!!! 

Being stuck without food got me thinking about all the fun "food trucks" we have in Nashville.  Think about incorporating them into your laid back couples shower, rehearsal dinner, or reception. 

Here are a few favs in the Nashville area:

1. The Grilled Cheese Truck (you're excited right?)
a gourmet grilled cheese truck serving anything from their turn on the classic sandwich to delicious soups and salted caramel pudding cups
2. Mas Tacos (The Nashville Original food Truck)
a truck that delivers delicious Mexican street fare to your East Nashville or 12th South neighborhood
3. Pizza Buds (Nashville’s one and only pizza truck)
 Nashville’s one and only pizza truck, serving up warm slices and pies using veggies and toppings from Nashville Farmer’s Market. 
 4. Jay Jay's good food truck
Chef Jason McConnell, who also owns the popular Red Pony Restaurant and SOL Restaurant in Franklin, is bringing the popular concept of a food truck to Middle Tennessee.
5. Mere Bulles Catering Truck (the restaurants on wheels)
 massive kitchen (by food truck standards) and can churn out piping hot food right there and then so everything is even fresher and tastier.

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