Monday, June 29, 2009

Sweet Dreams are made of these...

So I guess this is the phase of wedding planning where I start to panic just a little? I have started to have "night terrors" EVERY night about W-Day and the Ultimate mishaps. For example last night I was standing at the altar with D saying our I Do's and I realized I never bought his wedding band?!? So I started to harass every guest at the wedding until I found a men's size 10 wedding band. Dream #2 I arrive at the reception to see my lime green table cloths were now sage green, and my table runners were too short and the wrong pattern, OHH THE HORROR. LOL I guess this will be the usual as we near our big day.

On a happy note, we have chosen our photographer (cue Hallelujah Chorus), after much consideration we decided to go with Matt because A) He is brilliant with a camera B) He asked me 100's of question like "How did you and D meet?" "How did he propose?", "What are your favorite things to do together?" etc. C) He is the ONLY photographer we talked to that was giving a discount due to the tough economic times we are having. He is giving us 40% off the package of our choice. He called it "paying it forward" he knows times are tough and photography shouldn't be sacrificed, we meet with him tomorrow, and are super excited!
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Happy Monday


  1. I just thought of something...D is not deploying or anything is he? With the fast wedding and all I was not sure...not that it matters if you have a fast wedding or slow but just thought I would ask about the deployment.

  2. No he isn't but his brother is. He leaves in October, and his roommate Travis leaves October 6th. That is why we are "getting with it"