Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Brides lets help Haiti!!

Ashley at Ashley's Bride guide posted this and I wanted to share it with you.


Since the earthquake hit, I’ve been devastated. I’ve turned off the tv because the situation is so dire and I wasn’t sure how I could help. Then it hit me, I should turn to the community that I love - the Nashville bridal community - and see if we can work together to heal Haiti.

ABG’s Bridal Bumpers for Haiti

At the Jan 17th bridal show, I gave away bridal bumper stickers to Nashville brides to celebrate their 2010 wedding. Brides loved them! So I thought, why not turn this freebie into a fundraiser for Haiti. Now, “Bridal Bumpers for Haiti” has become my small contribution to Haiti.

How does it work? Every time someone in Nashville adds an ABG bumper sticker (see below) to their car, takes a pic and emails/tweets it to me, ABG will donate $5 to Haiti via Doctors Without Borders, on behalf of the Nashville bridal community. It’s that simple. Just become a bumping bride or bridal vendor and $5 goes to Haiti. This is a small task but could be just what a doctor needs to deliver supplies, aid to Haiti.


(one of 3 bumper stickers available for pick up)


(Nashville brides and wed pros - proudly representing ABG / Nashville weddings!)

To all of the brides pictured above, I hope your bumper is proudly showcasing your 2010 bride. Ladies - be sure to send me a picture of the bumper sticker on your car so I can include you in the count for the Haitian donation.

Even if you are not a bride, you can still pick up a bumper sticker to join the cause. We have a version that simply says “Love Nashville Weddings” that would be perfect for ANYONE who follows ABG:). Vendors - if you are attending the vendor dinner this Thursday, I will have them available there - no excuses:).


(perfect bumper sticker for Nashville wedding pros and enthusiasts)

Remember - ABG will donate $5 to Doctors Without Borders for each bride/ wedding enthusiast who picks up a bridal bumper sticker and puts it on their car and lets us know! Once you’ve added the bumper sticker, simply send us the picture via twitter (@weddinggirl), via facebook ( or email info at ashleysbrideguide dot com.

You can also help by spreading the word - the more people that know, the more money for Haiti, with a simple gesture on your part. Simply tweet it and include the #WEDHAITI. Or, email your friends this post so they can pick up a bumper sticker and help us help Haiti.

Where to get your bumper sticker:

Don’t have a bumper sticker? So many Nashville wedding vendors have graciously joined to help and now you can pick up your bumper sticker at the following locations. While you’re there, feel free to shop around or leave a cash donation for Haiti to be added to the overall ABG donation.

These super cute bumper stickers will not last so be sure to pick up yours NOW.

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