Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You're FIRED!

Sooooo. Remember all those fabulous engagement, and wedding pictures my photographer took of our wedding?  Yeah, I was one of the lucky few, who actually GOT their pictures.    I have endorsed my vendor to NUMEROUS clients, and friends, and it makes me sick to endorse anyone who doesn't deliver.  I feel I have failed them more than the vendor them self.

 So, today, I take it back!  I take back the nice things I said, the endorsement, and I now WARN other brides to RUN like the wind from this vendor.  

Matthew Vietti at  your pictures are great, but you can't take over $2,000 dollars from a bride, and only deliver a handful of engagement pictures, and NOT deliver a SINGLE wedding picture for a bride who's wedding was on AUGUST, 21, 2010, and had been paid in FULL!!!!!   This is unprofessional, and absolutely unacceptable.  You should be ashamed. There is too much talent in this town, and too much competition to run a business like this.

BRIDES if you need a wonderfully talented Photographer email me, I will give you the name of trust worthy photographers, but I don't want their name associated with this post!

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  1. Amen, sister! Spread the word! That pic in my profile is about the ONLY wedding picture I have because he has YET TO GIVE ME MY PHOTOS!