Friday, December 4, 2009

Entertainment Recap!

Let me say this one more time, we had the BEST DJ EVER! Johnny grabbed a microphone boogied down to the dance floor and led the whole group through the Cupid Shuffle and then stayed on the floor off and on all night. Everyone there commented on how much fun he was!

I have to Thank my Aunt Theresa for referring him to us, he was a super good deal we paid him $275 for 3 hours of DJ Services. He played from 6pm-11pm for no extra charge, he just LOVES his job, and isn't out for highway robbery!

DJ Johnny Gardner 615-384-7799

DJ Budget $300 Actual Total $275+tip

The best part of our big day was being led down the aisle by Daniel Pentecost, Bagpiper extraordinaire. There wasn't a dry eye (including mine) in the house when he started up those pipes. It was a really special moment and one I will remember for the rest of my life. I love my Irish Heritage so to be able to bring that into our ceremony was really special for me.

Daniel Pentecost (he plays everything from strings to Pipes) email

Bagpiper Budget $200 Acutal Total $150+tip

Total Entertainment Budget $500 Actual $425 (WOOT!)

I am wishing you all a safe, and warm weekend, I will pick up Monday with Photography!

Shameless Plug: This Sunday @ 2:30pm at St. Henry Catholic Church in Nashville the Concert Chorale of Nashville will be performing Handles masterpiece The Messiah free of charge! A beneficiary has offered to donate $15 for every person who attends with all proceeds to go to Room in the Inn Charity. Come out and see us, and get your Christmas Cheer ON!


  1. How did you hang the parachute, and did you need the okay from the owner of the parachute that you could hang it, and instructions on how so as not to damage it?

  2. I am wondering the same thing! If you could provide that info. that would be awesome! :)

  3. We are wondering that too! Love it!