Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Paper and Postage Recap!

This was a double edge sword if I ever saw one! Do you know how much it cost to kill a tree? Treat it? and then make it into adorable Wedding Invitations? A LOT! I sent a total of 120 invitations if I had bought them online at paperdivas.com (they are the MOST reasonable) it would have cost me a whoppin' $166.80 just for the invitations, not horrible, but I was on a budget and I can do better! My theme was Black and White Damask with Green accents, and Michael's just happen to have boxes of invitations (40 per box) at $29.99 a piece!!! That is $90, well I had 50% coupons to use, so I bought one box at a time with a grand total of $45 with the thought I would print them myself. There in lied the double edge of the sword. They were 4x8 and printers are not capable of handling such dimensions so I had to have them printed at Kinkos for $50, I still came out ahead at a total of $95 TOTAL for the invitations plus Labor*...geesh, its just paper!

*Plus Labor, these cute invitations had to be assembled from scratch! ALL 120 of them, I advise you to NOT get the assemble type just print a single sheet! To much elbow grease!

Programs: I did these myself using the magic of Card stock and Ribbon. I took one 8x11 sheet of 65lb card stock and printed a 4 sided program, then I added a ribbon for a dainty effect. They came together nicely and were quite inexpensive 2 packs of Card Stock at $11 a piece total $22 for programs!!!

Postage ran us around $100 once it was all said and done.

So Grand total for paper and postage: Budget $200 Actual Total $217, I will take that!

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