Thursday, May 27, 2010

Famous Donna

I work in Cube (a 10 x 10 haven of sorts, it sucks)!!! Anyway, we have a long table behind our cubes and this sweet lady "Famous Donna" shows up every once and a while, and caters lunches for the Big Wigs. Who then feel the need ohhh and all like they have never seen BBQ before.......end rant.

So I googled this "Famous Donna" (new to me) and seems she has been at this for quite sometime. I don't know what her prices are like, but she works like this. Say you LOVE Maggianos, Amerigos, Slick Pig BBQ, Jason's Deli, etc. Donna would take your order, pick it up, and drop it off, set it up, make sure it looks great, and then clean up when she is done. She will even cook from scratch. So if you are looking for another catering alternative check out Donna, I hear she is Famous?

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