Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Seeing Stars!

Ok, So I have to brag on my Friend Whitney McClure, not only is she a lovely and talented Bride to be, but the girl is creative. Look what she came up with for her fall wedding. She hopes to hang one of these two looks from the ceiling.

Those are spray painted coffee and paint cans, can't you just see these on a low ceiling, or hanging from trees at an out door reception?!?!? STUNNING

What are those? Those are Coffee filters!!! Yep you read that right, COFFEE FILTER FLOWER PUFFS!!!!

Isn't Whitney smart? I think so.


  1. So funny story...I did exactly that for my wedding reception. My husband and my dad drilled about a million holes in the giant tin cans my elementary school teacher mom collected for us. Then using light cords we'd bought at Ikea, we hung these handmade lanterns over the center of every table. The look was incredible! I hope to have pictures up in the next week or two. If your friend is looking to save time, we are considering selling them!

  2. Rachel, thanks so much I will pass the word onto Whitney. I would love to see your pictures!