Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thought Provoking

I read this today on A Practial Wedding and it got the cogs turning. If you are married, engaged, in love etc. I hope you'll take it in.

So. Wife. Being a wife. There are loaded words, and then there are *loaded* words, and I think wife falls into the second category. I first started thinking about this concept when I got this comment from Cindy right before the wedding:

"Meg, I love being a wife. So far in life, it's been my most satisfying and challenging role. So here's to the rest of yours and David's life. Cheers."

David was reading my comments over my shoulder (as he does) and he stopped at that one. "Wife?" He said, "That's sort of a surprising comment. It's something I feel like you don't hear very much these days. People don't say 'I love being a wife' unless they are talking about how they love being a stay-at-home soccer mom, and I'm pretty positive she doesn't mean that."

"I'm going to be a wife THIS WEEK," I screeched. "I better love it. I better not become a stay at-home-soccer-mom-with-a-minivan. I better not lose myself. Certainly! Not!"

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