Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer Time!

When I hear the word summer one word comes to mind.... L-A-K-E! Here in Tennessee we are land locked, but as you may have noticed from our recent 1,000 year flood we have LOTS of Lakes, and Rivers to make up for our Land Lover status. For all you 'waterbugs' like me, here is a gem I found on the internets for a Lakeside Wedding just outside of the Nashville area on Center Hill Lake.

Lakeside Resort:
>The have a whole slew (Southern for A LOT) of Cabins on site for your guest, they are SO CHEAP, ranging from $75-$550 for the ENTIRE weekend.

>They also provide a spot for a on-site reception with a Caterer.

>So if you want a destination without the 8 hour car ride, take the 1 hour drive to Centerhill!

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