Thursday, September 17, 2009

Murphy's Law is in effect!

I am remaining positive, light, zen! I am so ready to get hitched! I am not excited about all of life's little "happenings" that have fallen upon us this week for starters....

  • Swine Flu happens but, you should stay HOME FROM WORK (this means you BRENDA!)
  • Key's will get locked in the car, I should just be glad we got to spend some extra time together :)
  • Family Drama will ALWAYS happen, especially in big families
  • Rain, Rain, GO AWAY, is a good thought. KEEP THE GOOD THOUGHTS
  • Exercise will keep you from "flippin' your script" that is until you find out the instructor has a sub, because she has SWINE FLU, again it happens, thank you for staying home!
  • People will always ask rude questions like "Is this your first marriage?" WHO THE HECK ARE YOU??? Why is it ok to ask me that question, but the answer is YES, First and LAST!
Lighter Notes:
  • Cake is designed, flavors are picked and I couldn't be happier. I am just hungry
  • Our DJ is the beez kneez! Met with him yesterday to finalize music list
  • Old Time Pottery saves the day, well sort of.
We're almost there 9 days to go!!!!!!!!!

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