Wednesday, September 23, 2009


With the Paper Poms done, and just 150 tiny ribbons to be tied, and my vast Army of friends that will be helping me out tonight and tomorrow I think I am ahead of the game (just need to keep repeating that to myself). I did goof up a bit, I forgot to order one groomsmen his "gift" D is going to take care of that today, whoops! Tonight I am going to whip up a few batches of Toll House cookies for the out of town guest to give them a "homey" feel to their welcome baskets, break and bake, or from scratch totally up in the air at this point! LOL

I wanted to share with you guys an awesome website I found if you are planning a vacation, Honeymoon, or just a weekend getaway you HAVE to check out this site! How does Paris at $39 a night sound? Yeah I thought you would be interested! its called and they have deals from coast to coast!

My Unofficial Expert Bridal Advice of the day:
You can not expect those around you to totally grasp the "big picture" if you don't clue them in. Don't keep all those little details to yourself because you don't want to "bother" anyone. You have family, bridesmaids, and friends for a reason. ASK FOR HELP, explain your vision and skip the stress. Ok I'm done!

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