Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Country Royalty!

Have you seen or heard of Fontanel?  It is the 27,00 sqft Mansion formerly owned by Barbara Mandrell.  It is located just north of Nashville and hides perfectly in the woods.  You may have heard of Mansion tours and the Concert series, but did you know you can get married out there too? 
They have Multiple rooms to choose from, they have the Mansion with various rooms, The Studio Gallery which is like a giant blank slate, and then they have the Woods Amphitheatre that they use for their outdoor concert series.

Specs on the Mansion:
  • Can accommodate 120-136 guest for a seated dinner
  • Can accommodate 150 for a standing cocktail reception
Specs on the Studio Gallery:
  • Can accommodate 200 seated guest for dinner
Specs on the Woods (outdoor amphitheatre)
  • The sky's the limit on your guest count!
Breakdown: From what I can tell you can have access to their inventory of tables and chairs, on-site venue supervisor, housekeeping before and after the event, Parking Attendants or Valet Service for groups over 100 people, and on-site Shuttle Service from the parking area to and from the Mansion.
Catches: You have to use their caterer and other recommended vendors so you can spend $$$ quick
They have no prices listed on their website, but you can call 615-876-4636 for more info or email them at

The very talent Joe Hendricks shot the photos above, and captured a wedding here recently check them/him out HERE

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Do Over!

I have been asked 100 times by other brides and curious people what I would change about my wedding day.  To be honest, I loved my wedding, it was my perfect day that I put together in 100 days, but it was a HUGE affair, and I feel I short changed my guest by not speaking to half of them. 

That being said, if I could do it all over again, I would elope, save the $ take a fabulous vacation and have a great party when I got back.  

Feel like doing the same but are short on cash, You can do it right here in Nashville

The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel is in the heart of music row. It is all things Nashville and fabulous.  Check them out ceremony's start at $200, you can even have Elvis as your officiant!!!