Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fancy Shmancy

So, since I have been sticking my toe in the wedding biz, when I am a guest at other peoples weddings.  Or I see pictures of weddings I have gotten pretty good at guessing how much they spent on certain items, and in my personal opinion if that was a "waste" of $ or not.

For example.  The last wedding I went to they had monogrammed embossed paper hand towels in the bathroom.  Now, come on.  You are telling me instead of  an extra hour with the photographer, or an upgrade on their honeymoon they spent $100+ dollars on paper towel?!?!.  I guess I am more frugal (cheap) than that.  Ok, enough of my rant.  Do you want to look, but are on a budget?  Then do it yourself.  How?

1. Buy a $20 Embosser
2. Buy your desired amount of cocktail napkins, paper towels, etc.
3. Stamp away
4. Viola