Thursday, July 30, 2009


I would like to give a BIG FAT shout out to Matthew Vietti at he has taken pictures that capture every bit of our personality and relationship. They couldn't have turned out better! Here is a peak!

TIE me over!

Ties are NOT cheap, a good tie at Dillards will run you $40-50 a piece. So when we decided to have the groomsmen wear "skinny" ties I searched high and low for the best deal!! "WINNER, WINNER, CHICKEN dinner" as my friend Ryan would say!

I found the boys "skinny" lime green ties, and D's "skinny" black tie all for $78 TOTAL @ KRISAR.COM each tie was $9!!! I love a good deal!

Speaking of good deals, don't underestimate in store shopping. Remember my awesome Damask napkins? I paid $4.95 for 20 in a set, and bought 5 sets. Well, my co-worker found similar napkins at Target for $1.99 a set of 20, I bought 7 sets and canceled my first order! Not to mention they had the matching Damask guest book for $22! I was about to pay $40 on GEESH from now on I will look and touch it in person (if I can) and then scour the internets (yes, that is a Tennessee term) for a bargin!!!!

Happy Thursday!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009



Faccio Bridal may house the most beautiful gowns in the state. They are also some of the most expensive (go figure!?!) They are having a Rivini Trunk Show this weekend. RUN, don't WALK! Also, check out their clearance wall. You can find a few steals there from time to time!


Faccio Bridal
600-A Frazier Drive
Suite 123
Franklin, Tennessee 37067
Phone: 615-778-9437
Fax: 615-778-9439

Nifty Fifty!

In a new world that has become all about mine and D's big day, today is a little different. Today is my mother's birthday, and she has crossed the threshold into the big 5-0!! She has never looked better! Happy Birthday mom I LOVE YOU!

Ohh and in case you missed her on New 2 last night, here is the video!!!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Planner vs. On-Site Coordinator PART DEUX

Here are some local Vendors that offer Coordination and Planning: Go with your gut, you know if you need help or not! For Links to their pages Click

Planner vs. On-Site Coordinator Part ONE

What is the difference you say? Well its like Hiring your Caterer to perform your ceremony. A planner and a Coordinator have two very different "jobs." Your Planner is to do just that PLAN and help your ideas, hopes, and dreams come to fruition. A Coordinator is with you on "W-DAY" make sure your DJ has arrived, your center pieces are in place, that the Bridesmaids are all accounted for and to keep you calm if any unforeseen crisis' arrive.

Me, I have done all the planning myself, I am a little OCD and I need complete control of my ideas and make sure that who I have hired is who I want. I am able to do this becuase I know lots of people, and have been to 30+ wedding in my life time. As far as Coordination goes, I want to RELAX as much as I can on wedding day, so I have a coordinator to be there for the rehearsal and start to finish on wedding day. She will make sure all my and D's needs are met and the day goes off without a hitch.

Make sure you have outlined the duties and responsibilities for both the coordinator and the planner so you don't have any miscommunications or incidents. Make sure its in writing or a clear verbal understanding of who is doing WHAT!!!

Here is a great article from "A Delightful Day Event Planning" on the differences between a Planner and an On-Site Coordinator:

So many times I have had a bride in a consultation say, "My location has an on-site coordinator that will take care of me the day of." But do consider, will the on-site coordinator do all for you that your wedding planner will? From many, many weddings and past experiences, as wedding planners we have done a variety of things for brides, each wedding being out of the ordinary, and to this day I haven't met an on-site coordinator that will do any of the following. Before you make the statement above, think about if your on-site coordinator will go above and beyond for you.

  1. Your bridesmaid's are wearing strands of pearls and pearl earrings. 3 of your 6 bridesmaid's didn't get that memo and now we are 3 short, meaning we make a run to the nearest location that would have that item and pick up those 3 sets you need for a complete look. Would your on-site coordinator do that?
  2. You have a gorgeous Monique Lhuillier wedding dress, your dream design, that has an incredible French bustle, and before you and your new husband step out onto the dancefloor, you need the incredibly difficult ribbon system decoded to create this one of a kind bustle you spent months, and many dollars, designing. To create this, your wedding planner is tucked between your legs :) to make this incredible design happen.
  3. Unfortunately, one of your dear guests didn't RSVP for themselves and their wonderful boyfriend and now we're in a seating dilemma for your plated dinner. They don't see an escort card for them as a couple and now we need to make rearrangements for your guests to join the party.
  4. Your DJ has made a terrible mistake on the song choices and is completely screwing up. He or she most definitely needs some redirection and we are there to put them back on track!
  5. Your petticoat to give your dress the extra umph that it needs was left at home, as you discover 15 minutes before your pictures begin. Many calls later, a petticoat is found close by at a bridal shop and is purchased just in time for pictures!
  6. Last minute, after months of deliberation, you decide that you would like to have that makeup artist come in and treat you to your own personal beautifing application, 3 days before your wedding. Will the on-site coordinator swoop in as the wedding hero and track down a makeup artist to not only do your makeup on the day of, but will also do a makeup application for your mother for free as well, and will come to you?
  7. Will your on-site coordinator come over to the ceremony site and make sure that your ceremony runs smoothly, bridal party gets down the aisle, and you become the Mrs. that you have dreamed of for so long?

There are many things to consider in planning a wedding, one of which should definitely be, Should I hire a wedding planner? With the times that we are in with the economy, even if hiring a full service wedding planner isn't within the reach of your newly engaged hand, do definitely consider the benefits of hiring a planner for your month of service. So many times we hear, you're so thorough, you're so organized, this has been the most relaxing day of the whole experience, I'm going to recommend you to all of my friends, etc., we truly feel that our jobs are complete if you and your groom are married, happy and enjoying yourselves at your once in a lifetime event.

So, the next time that your on-site coordinator mentions having all of the bases covered at the location, truly question as to whether he or she will do any of the above, and beyond, for you! Happy Planning!

~ Mary Alice, Nashville Wedding Planner
A Delightful Day

Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend where did you go?

We are MOVED! I am now back home with Ma and Pa Hoolihan and D is getting settled into our new place in Hendersonville. We have the usual moving lose ends to tie up, but all in all it was a whirl wind weekend.

Mom and I had great success yesterday in finding her MOB dress at Dilliard's (Hands down they have the best choices), it is a beautiful dress she looks FABulous in it! Now she and I both need to hunt for wedding day shoes.

With every move there is no time to eat, and what you do eat is fast food, heart attack on a plate, so D and I are back on the wagon today, back to good eating habits and exercise, which will be a challenge because as I stated I am back home, and that means home cooked meals and yummy desserts, MOM TRY TO RESIST THE TEMPTATIONS, LOL!!! There are just 61 days til the wedding, and I think my head might explode if I ponder what all has to be done between now and then, so I am just going to take it a day at a time, one project at a time!

So projects for this week (one at a time)....
  1. Passport papers and photos turned in!!!
  2. Print first box of Invitations
  3. Check out our engagement pics this weekend

Friday, July 24, 2009

Fun Finds...

So I got a little online shopping happy yesterday (AMAZON.COM is your friend), and here are some cute things I purchased for our wedding.

Candles to put on the catering tables! Set of 4 for $9 a set, I bought 2 sets.

Cake Pan for D's Groom's Cake:

Napkins for the Buffet, I am going to mix lime green napkins in with these. Not to hung up on throwing my new monogram or date on these, I mean they are napkins!
$4.95 for 20 @

Well moving weekend has finally come (Le Sigh), but I hired movers to try and take some stress off the day and move things along (man I am PUNNY)! So if anyone is in the Nashville/Hendersonville area this weekend stop in for some Lemonade and help us unpack a box or 20!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Guilty Pleasures...

are CHOCOLATE, and CHEESE I love, love, love them. I have been known to say I could live off Chocolate, Cheese, and Red Wine! Oddly enough the only Chocolate and Cheese I am having at my reception are in the form of cake and a Cheese dip with Pita chips. I would love to walk in and see rows of Chocolate fountains and Cheese Fountains (yes they make em'), but its just not in the budget. For those who would love to entertain the thought, here are the links to the yummiest vendor in Nashville, who is giving a discount if you say you read about them on Ashley's Bride Guide!

Ohhh, and don't forget to check out the Mashed Potato Bar! This is another hot trend where folks can dress up their mashed potato's with all the fixin's and they are served in stylish Martini glasses, a southern girls dream come true!

Ribbons of Chocolate
Ashley's Bride Guide

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wedding Happenings.....

Here are a couple links from around the web and a little blurb about my floral arrangements.

There was a web contest on for best of the best when it comes to planning, designing, budgeting, capturing, and enjoying weddings. Here is a link to the list of winners. The Budget Savvy Bride I always mention received an Editors Pick!

I realized yesterday I haven't mentioned anything about my floral arrangements. Woops! Not because I haven't figured it out, but its not one of my Top 3 things I needed to be AWESOME for my wedding, flowers are pretty, period. I am totally trusting in my cousin Ann and a family friend to pull it off for me. They have an amazing eye for detail (that I don't) and have the connections and supplies needed for my big day.

Flowers I am using, I am going to leave something out but you will get the gist! My bouquet will be ALL calla lilies (these puppies are expensive, so I am the only one getting them). D's boutonniere will match my bouquet. The Bridesmaids, mama's and grand mama's will have a hodgepodge of White Roses, Irish Belle's, Green Hydrangeas, and other stuff I am forgetting.

For the reception we are going to use tall crystal skinny vases with an arrangements sitting on top of Green Hydrangeas, White Roses, Snap Dragons, Green Moss, and about 13 other flowers I can't remember. I am using silks for the Hydrangeas #1 they look better in September #2 they are cheaper #3 they look better than the real deal.

To cut corners on flower check out these hot spots:
  • Farmers Market, they will always have what is in season (and that is the cheapest route)
  • Wholesale flower websites, like flowers and supplies
  • Talented Family friend or family member who can do artsy flower arrangements.
  • Use what you have, get in the attic or under that sink
  • Old Time Pottery, Hobby Lobby, etc have killer deals on vases!!!

To Do's

So I finally updated our To do list last night, it feels so good to cross stuff off, but worse to add things to it!

  • DJ
  • Wedding Ceremony Music
  • Caterer
  • Table Cloth Rentals
  • Engagement Pics Taken
SO what did we add?
  • Passports (ASAP!!!)
  • Pick music for BP to play at wedding
  • Hair and Make up Run through appointments
  • Finalize Cake design
  • Finalize Rehearsal Menu
  • Print Invitations
  • Dress Alterations appointment

So for as much as I took off I added more, YIPPIE I am sure I will look back on this list a year from now and laugh? Right?! I hope so! We are having the best time planning this shindig, and somebody called me Mrs. DeForest on the phone yesterday it made me giggle. If you didn't know by now I CAN'T WAIT TO MARRY THIS MAN!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I love when a plan comes together!!!

I finally booked a DJ and the other musical entertainment for wedding day! I would like to THANK, THANK, THANK my aunt Theresa and her friend Charlotte for sending the DJ's info to me! He is a funny guy, super reasonable (under $300), he used to be a back up dancer for MC Hammer, and to top it all off he wants to "match" my color scheme on wedding day. I love him already!!! It is going to be a great celebration I can't wait!!

9 weeks and 4 days to go!!!! This week we are packing up ALL our belongings and moving, I hate moving, but this time I don't seem to mind as much :)

DJ Johnny Gardner
, he plays ALL types of events, he was highly recommended by a gig he played at a High School reunion. He will cater to your events, age demographic, and style. He is located in Springfield, TN Cell: 615-389-5781

Monday, July 20, 2009

You're Kidding!

Please, PLEASE, PPPUUHLLLEASE let me preface this post by saying I LOVE KIDS, I can't wait to have a few ankle bitters one day!

How do you handle guest that want to come to your wedding with small children? I have never been a parent, but I am guessing that if I were and I was invited to a wedding where there was going to be dancing, drinking, and grown-up food. I would treat this wedding as a date night for me and my beloved?! Yes? NO?

Now the exception would be I am flying, driving, a long distance with a weekend, or overnight stay and taking the kids is a must. That I can deal with too, so how to do you deal with screaming babies on your wedding video? I have seen this handled many different ways...

1. Offer a "cry room" during your ceremony that is kept by church volunteers, or trusted babysitters.
2. Be clear on the invitation say Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Smith not Tommy, Sally, Tommy Jr., Little Sally. This sometimes get the message across.
3. Trust your guest, most parents use sound judgment on where they can or can NOT take their kids (except that one person in the movie theater). Most parents know that if little Tommy hasn't had a nap he is going to be screaming through a 20 minute wedding ceremony.

If you are like me and 99.9% of all your friends have children, but you want your friends to come and have a good time at your wedding, you might just have to get over the baby crying on your wedding video!

Sidebar: We FINALLY did our engagement shots this morning, I can't wait to see how they will turn out! Matt said he hopes to have them ready by next weekend! WOOT!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Friday!

D and I have returned from our respective trips this week, now we are preparing for a busy weekend of seeing family, friends, and such. I have a lot on my Wedding to do list, I will be updating that in the car on the way to Lexington!

Tonight we are celebrating our Church League Softball Champions with a dinner, tomorrow we are going to support Bridesmaid and Future Sister-in law Ean Whitney Cox as she competes for Miss Kentucky 2009, GO WHIT!!!! Finally Sunday we celebrate our engagement with Family and Friends, my Bridesmaids are going to host an amazing bash, we can't wait!

I wish you all a great weekend!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

What's in a name?

So as I am preparing for my big moving weekend, I keep thinking about all the people I need to contact to change my address, then it dawns on me. I will have to do this ALL OVER again in a few months to change my name on EVERYTHING! Here are a couple links and tips to getting your name changed on practically everything you have ever done!

Things that you HAVE to change:
  • Birth Certificate (optional)
  • Health Card
  • Social Insurance Card
  • Driver's License (ownership)
  • Passport (new travel rules state your name must match the one on your drivers license)
  • Business License
  • Bank Account
  • Credit Cards
  • Insurances
  • Hospital Cards
  • Pretty much everything with your maiden name on it should to be changed.
What if you are not taking his name?

I'm Gonna Take His Last Name

That's the traditional way of doing the marriage thing. You'll have to change all of your ID except for your birth certificate, which can remain in your maiden name or you can change your birth certificate to your married name if you want to change your name legally. That means if anything should go wrong in your marriage, you'll legally have to change your name back again to your birth name/maiden name on your birth certificate.

I'm Planning On Hyphenating My Two Names

Some women who want to maintain both identities will keep their maiden name, then hyphenate their name and their husband's last name. You'll still have to change all your ID and when signing anything, use both hyphenated names. When you have children you'll have the choice of giving them just your husband's last name or the hyphenated version that you've chosen.

Maiden Name Instead of Middle Name

This is where you will change your name from Mary Jean Jones who's married to Tom Brown, to Mary Jones Brown. You'll still have to change your ID but your children will take on only your husband's last name.

I'm Not Changing My Name (You Renegade!)

You keep your name, he has his. This situation is particularly good if you have children from a previous marriage and want to retain the same name as your children. You won't have to change your ID and if you have an established business, nothing changes there either. Difficulties show up with family and children born out of this marriage. It's confusing for the school and the child who also has a different name from one of their parents. This can be embarrassing for some men when you don't want to assume his last name. We won't even bring up the in-laws! YIKES!!

You can keep your own name legally and at work but assume your husband's name socially. That means, on all your ID your name is the same as the one you were born with but if you get invited to a party the invitation will say to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brown.

Now how do I go about making all these changes?

You can take a week off work and visit the DMV, Social Security Office, Call all your bill collectors, etc. Or you can give MISSNOWMRS.COM a whirl. For $30 they will do it all for you! You can still do it the old fashioned way, just wait to get your marriage license back from the state before you try. You CAN NOT change anything until you get that back, and it takes about 2 weeks!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Favor me!

To Favor or not to Favor that is the question? One of the first things to be cut from a Bride-to-be's budget can be the favors for guest. It can be a large expense that you can not afford, or just chose not to, because your company, and party you are throwing are enough?!?!

Here are a few Idea's and a cost break down.
DIY Candy Bar: $227.95
The DIY method is the cheapest way to go here, you can buy vases and canisters from Old Time Pottery, Yard Sales, and your mothers attic. Buy candy in bulk from or
*The Budget Savvy Bride did her's to match her YELLOW and Teal color scheme.

Personalized Candy wrappers and M&M's, Water Bottles, Jones Cola etc: $11-up per unit
Click here

Koozies: .89-.99 cents a piece
Personalized Koozies are neat, you can google many different companies on the web, some have a high minimum order so beware! Collapsible are the cheapest way to go!

Home baked goodies: Supplies and Family
Jackie's brother was married last Labor day weekend and his mother, her mother, and grandmothers made homemade fudge, cookies, and various goodies for guest to take as favors.

DIY Personal Style: Varies
Here is an idea I have entertained, I am just not sure I have the counter space or man power to pull off 200 of these! But they sure are neat!

There are SO many idea's out there, look around and see what would be special to you, and a special memento for your guest! Here is a great link!

What to put the favors in?
There are just as many vendors for that as their are favor ideas! Google around, see who will let you personalize, just do white "Chinese take out boxes"
Favor Boxes

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Music, it is my most favorite thing in the whole world, I really do live for it! I love to hear it, sing it, play it, you name it! So when D and myself sat down and were going through songs for our big day, it was about the most natural decision we made. The best part is, we made the choices together based on songs that meant the most to us, that reflected our relationship, and our feelings for each other, our family, and friends.

>I am Irish (if you didn't already know), I have hired a bagpiper to lead my father and myself down he isle for the big day. SO EXCITED!!! He will be loud, so prepare yourself!
>We opted out of live music for the ceremony and decided to use my iPod and speakers, the song choices we made are not "sting quartet" type music.
>Reception, well we are trying to hire a DJ, but I am to stubborn to pay $500 for 4hrs of entertainment, so we are still trying to work on that. But, I promise there will be a DJ at the reception I am a dancing fool!

Here is a great website and resource for hiring musicians, entertainers, DJ's, and such. You name your price, they bid for your event.

Money saving tips:
>Get bids from everyone and don't be afraid to barter a little, they are used to this. If you have someone you want, and he is higher than another guy, tell him, see if he will price match.
>iPod it, but beware there are cords, and cables you need to pull this off. Some wedding coordinators won't even take your wedding if you are using this method, becuase of all that CAN go wrong. So test, test, test first!
>Local University students are BROKE see if you can hire them out as ceremony musicians.
>Craigslist, just make sure you get refrences or clinet testimonals. See if you can drop in on an event they have coming up!

Money traps:
>Most entertainers like DJ's are going to expect 15% graduity on top of their fee, if they didn't earn it, then don't feel obligated.
>Lighting set up, most DJ's are going to charge you $75-$100 for a lighing display, just be ready.
>Look, double check and scan your contract for all hidden fees, or traps. Take an extra set of eyes with you.

Never underestimate the value of a friendly reference if Sally had a rockin' DJ call Sally and ask her who it was!


Monday, July 13, 2009


YOU GUYS! This is super awesome news!!! I just saw a commercial for David's Bridal, and they are selling a total knock off of Monique Lhuillier's Melissa gown. David's Bridal's version is only $599 Lhuillier's is $5,000!!!!! See if you can tell the difference! I tried the DB version on a few weeks ago and it is really flattering!

David's Bridal has just released their fall 09 collection, they have a few stunning gowns! ENJOY!

Busy Bridezilla!

Well, the engagement pictures were a no go, thanks to the rain gods that came out of NO WHERE on Friday. I knew that Arch Kennedy was full of it! So we are rescheduled for Monday July 20th @ 8:00AM EEK! So if anyone has any under eye bag tricks send em' my way LOL!

I am out of town for work this week, and D is visitng a buddy in Grand Junction Colorado. While we are away my Bridesmaids are hard at work planning an engagement party for D and myself this Sunday, I can't wait! Also a shout out to Bridesmaid Whitney Cox who is competing this Saturday for the Miss Kentucky title, she is going to rock it out!!!

I would just like to take a second to brag about each one of my girls...

By Date we met:

Amy Claytor, she and I are the oldest of friends (not old), we go back 25 years to Sunday school at the same church I am getting married in. My other last name should be Claytor! Also, her cousin Daniel is responsible for the infamous meeting of D and myself ;)

Vanessa Tanner, she is my 2nd oldest friend (still not old), and we go back to Jr. Pro basketball days in the 4th grade. We HATED each other until about the 8th grade when we were in choir together and have been joined at the hip ever since. She is also the mother to JT my adorable Ring Barrer!

Jackie Crumley , Jackie and I lived in the same freshman college dorm with Vanessa although we didn't meet offically until we were coworkers at the Cooker in the boro. After Jackie got over being "scared" of me, we became great friends, roommates, and kindred spirits!

Chelsea Stoner, also known as BFF she is my yankie friend, and also was a coworker at the Cooker. We decided that in High School we either would have been BFF's or worst enemies, we chose BFF! I heart her so GOOOOD!

Lacey Askew, I met though Jackie about 3 years ago at Mafioza's she and I hit it off and became buddies, she seems to always be able to realate to me even if I am WAY outta my mind!

Rachel DeForest, well the name should give it away? She is Dave's little sister, and the most honest person I have ever met! I am looking forward to getting a sister, even though I told my mom I never wanted one! LOL

Whitney Cox, you can call her Wild Woman! Whitney is the Fiance of Lee (Dave's older brother) and one of the funniest people I have ever met, I can count on her keeping it light between now and wedding day!

I am so lucky to have each one of these ladies in my wedding party! I want to thank them all for all they are doing and have done to get me ready for this big day. I couldn't do it without them!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Lack of Inspiration

Usually I wake up knowing what I am going to blog, but today my give a crap meter has hit the RED ZONE! Not with the wedding planning, just with the work week in general. I am only working half a day today so D and I can get our glamor shots on. We are meeting our fabulous photographer Matt at 3:30 to take our engagement pictures, I am so excited. I have left D in charge of ironing so we will see how that turns out (insert prayer here).

Funny story to share, last night D asked what time I was working til, I said 12 he said "sweet we can hang out tomorrow afternoon?" I said "yeah, after I get my hair done for the pictures" D, interrupts me mid sentence "GET YOU'RE HAIR DONE????" "MY LORD!" I then, reminded him that she was just going to shampoo and blow it out with a round brush. D says "So like YOU always do it?" "Someone else is going to do it for you?" I was laughing my head off, such a dude thing to say, guys just don't get it! I then reminded him I am a hair dressers daughter I can't help it! LOL

I hope you all have a safe, and happy weekend. I am going to enjoy our last low key weekend for a LONG while.

Happy Friday

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Vendor Shout out!!

I would like to give a shout out to Jill Cole at Southern Event Rentals in Franklin, TN. She has given me a great deal on my table linens, and runners (you know me, I shopped around)! Check Jill and Southern Events out at

United and It feels so good!

Just like the times trends change with weddings just like they do with anything else. A new trend in Unity Candles are Unity Sand Ceremonies. Instead of the mothers lighting a candle a piece, and the new couple lighting a single candle to show the uniting of two families, the mothers are pouring sand into vases, and the couple pours each vase into one large vase they can cork, take home, throw on the mantle, and sell in a yard sale 10 years form now.

I didn't want you to be behind the times, so I thought I would give you an update!!!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I have held off on this post for a while, not quite sure why? I think maybe because it is such a personal decision, the dress you are going to wear on your wedding day you have been dreaming about your entire life, and there is (to me) a lot of pressure on this decision.

So I am not going to tell you what you should buy, I will just simply share a few tricks to get the dress of your dreams even if it isn't in your budget!

First up is Gently Used: and

Both of these sites off designer gowns that were either worn once or never worn at all. Some have been altered so be sure to read the description carefully!

Second the usual haunts:
Davids Bridal, Bridal Warehouse, House of Brides etc.
All these places run $99 dress sales from time to time, so once you have a "look" in mind it never hurts to look.

Third Designer Boutiques:

Now I am not fortunate to have gazzillion's of dollars to shop at any Bridal Boutique, but places like Faccio Bridal, The White Room, and many others have TRUNK shows where designer gowns are priced as low at $50 (think Monica on that episode of friends, take a friend and your whistles)!!!! On that same tip, if the dress you are in love with is designer, check that designer's website for a list of trunk shows, many come as close as Atlanta!

Fourth Who'd a thunk it?:

There are several chartiable websites that offer Bridal Gowns with proceeds going to Charity, here in Tennesse we have Making Memories, where the proceeds go to Breast Cancer research.

What I am getting at here is you have options, and lord you have 1000's of them! Just make sure if you LOVE a dress you look for it, and exhaust all your resources before giving up on it! I was fourtunate to fall in love with a dress online that was carried by Bridal Warehouse. SCORE!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Beg, Barter, or Steal!!!

Do you have a special talent? Maybe you are the best Monogrammer (is that a word?) this side of the Cumberland? Or you dabble in graphic design? Or maybe, your mom is the head of some fancy school and can get kids enrolled? Do you have any special powers that can work to your advantage as a trade with a wedding Vendor?

For example: The Budget Savvy Bride from Smyrna, TN is a graphic designer, she designed a logo for the photographer she wanted in exchange for $2,000 in wedding photography. CHA CHING! Her website is really helpful check her out at:

So rack your brain, you or someone in your family may have something to offer a wedding vendor in exchange for their services. You never know until you ask!

Update: The meeting with the Caterer went really well last night, I can't wait to NOT taste any of that food I picked out! LOL

Monday, July 6, 2009

Eat, Drink, and get Married!!!

Attention Brides to Be: If you don't take anything else away from my blog, please read this!

The biggest chunk of your budget is going to be your reception food and drinks. This is where you look at your guest list and "get real" you would LOVE to invite everyone you have ever met, but you can't reasonably afford to entertain them all properly.

Now for way's to get around the HUGE cost of food is to move the time of day you want to get married.

1. Brunch receptions are becoming quite popular and caterer's and venue's are willing to cut you a deal for this.
2. Early afternoon dessert ONLY receptions
3. Believe it or not full dinner (buffet style) is cheaper than heavy h'orderves, but if you are having alcohol you might want to go for the finger foods so people can pick rather than sit.
4. Booze is going to run you an extra $2-$3 a head so go for Beer, wine only and cut out the open bar. If you are going to have an open bar put a dollar amount cap on it so things don't get out of control.
4.5 Take a road trip to Atlanta and pick up the 2 buck chuck bottles of wine at Trader Joe's
5. Skip the dessert option, why do you need dessert? You have 2 cakes already?!?!?

For example a Guest List of 200 @ $12 bucks a head is $2,400 just for FOOD! So "get real" invite what you can comfortably afford, make a list of who you MUST, LOVE, and LIKE to be there and make the best decision for your budget!

D and I are meeting with the Caterer today, she has made several menus up for us to choose from to see what is most cost effective for us and our food budget. I will share the details tomorrow!

Trader Joe's Link:

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Boom Boom POW!

With 4th of July just 2 days away I thought I would share my "SEND OFF" ideas with you.

I have decided to do a sparkler send off since it will be dark and I just love the look they give off at night!!!

Why I chose Sparklers?
#1 they are cheap especially when I go buy them the day after July 4th!
#2 Easy clean up
#3 Everyone LOVES sparklers
#4 Custom favors or plain match books to give to guest

Why not Rose Petals, Bird Seed, Rice etc.
#1 Yes pretty, but some one has to pick up ALL those rose petals after they are thrown
#2 Pricey, Rose petals real or fake aren't cheap
#3 not much air time on the rose petals!
#4 Rice in your eye = uncomfortable wedding night...

Alternatives for Day time?
Ribbons/Streamers on a stick, they look really neat too and you can DIY or buy them in bulk on (LOVE THIS SITE)

So Here are some shots of different send off's you can decide for yourself!!!

Don't forget about the yard sale tomorrow at 2000 Bellwood Court at my Mom and Dad! I'll make the muffins!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Paper Roses

Just like that lame song you can have paper roses, or any other flower for that matter! A new trend in wedding decor is Tissue Paper Poms, or even real flower poms that you can make yourself for as little as $5 a piece, and the add so much POP to the end of your pews, or hang them from the ceiling.

You can buy traditional tissue paper yourself and follow a how to video on, or you can buy ready made kits at, Wal-mart, or

I am using lime green poms to hang off the ends of my Pews for the Ceremony, I will be making mine with real carnations (don't gasp), you can't even tell they are carnations once they are all bunched up together, just look at the picture (Orange one real, white paper)!

Here are some helpful How to Links: