Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm Alive!

Sorry for the extended absence.  I am an Army wife and sometimes you are left in the trenches as a single mom and have to dig in.  I am happy to report my hubby is home, and I can resume my "duties" as a wedding blogger ;)

I just celebrated my 3rd wedding anniversary, and every year (so far), I like to think back to what I was doing at that moment on my wedding day.  Every year things get a little fuzzier, but it is fun to take to time to remember the butterflies, excitement, that I had on the day I married the love of my life.  To that, I think it would be fun to get the guest at your wedding in on the nostalgia fun.  Have guest make notes, memories, advice, date ideas, etc and slide them in random bottles to open on your anniversary.  This sounds AMAZING, I wish I had thought of it.