Monday, November 29, 2010

New Girl in town!

Well she isn't new to town, but she is new to the wedding world. My Friend Kristyn Walker has decided to turn her hobby for taking great photos into a full blown photography business that includes, engagements, weddings, lifestyles, maternity, etc. AND SHE IS GREAT AT IT!

Kristyn is also a frugal find at just $100 for a one hour session. That one hour session also gets you 10-15 edited pictures, and a disc of all edited pictures.

Kristyn is super sweet and I know you will enjoy working with her.

Check out her work HERE

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


My mind is focused on family, out of town guest, driving to my in-laws, FOOD, and Shopping. So my wedding inspiration is lacking this week. I thought I would share this "Debbie-Downer" Story with you all, on how you can be Thankful and Graceful under the worst of circumstances.

Wishing you all a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Bride-to-be moves on after tragic prank:

A few weeks before her wedding day, Rachelle Friedman went out for her bachelorette party with some close friends last May. After a night out on the town, the group went to the home of Rachelle's best friend.

The friend playfully pushed Rachelle into the swimming pool — something they'd done to each other many times before — but this time the bride-to-be landed on her head, paralyzing her from her chest down.

In the ensuing six months, Rachelle has worked to adjust to her new reality. Despite the odds and the tragic turn her life has taken, she is "doing awesome," Friedman says in a Monday interview with the "Today" show. She credits her family and her fiancĂ©, Chris Chapman — who says in the segment that the wedding is still on: "I never once thought about leaving her or this situation." As for the friend, whose name Rachelle wants to keep from the press, Rachelle says, "I'm absolutely best friends with the girl…. Blaming her would be ridiculous."

Thursday, November 18, 2010

NON-Wedding post!

I have to share our good news! D and I found out Monday morning that we are having a baby GIRL! That's right, I get to help plan a wedding for my very own daughter in about 2 or so decades!!! We are really excited, and really anxious to get started on her nursery.

I have been thinking long and hard on a theme, and would love any suggestions. This is harder than coming up with a wedding theme! LOL

Monday, November 15, 2010

How Rude!

I am going to vent just a little bit in this post so prepare yourself.....

I had the privilege of working with a wonderful couple this weekend. I was there to do their day of coordinating and all that goes with that! The couple was great, their friends, and family, were wonderful. The band however was NOT so wonderful, I will omit their name for fear of litigation, but let me get to the point of my HOW RUDE post.

Brides, when you you hire a vendor, they are NOW contracted to work for you upon the day and time you specify. They have to adhere to the guidelines of their contract as well as the rules and regulations placed by the venue. I can NOT stress how important it is to get things in writing. A vendor can't change their mind, and ideas unless you didn't get it in writing.

The band hired for this gig was very unprofessional and made MANY demands, and had spouses, and teenage children CRASH this couples reception. There were underage children drinking at this reception that were "guest" of the band. There was nothing in the contract that stated they were allowed to add their own "guest" to a reception they were NOT paying for. This has just burned me alive ALL WEEKEND!!! I politely had to excuse the underage guest and spouses from the venue, after all it would have fallen back on my couple if any damages, or harm had come from their attendance.

Before you hire ANY vendor ask for referrals, ask friends, reach out to anyone in the industry. This will help insure one last thing to worry about on your big day.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Veterans and Weddings

What do these two things have in common? More than you realize. Many Brides have to plan, re-plan, delay, or cancel their nuptials while their brave soldiers fight for our freedom. As an Army wife myself I have seen first hand how you have to plan a wedding around the Military. Read that story here.

If you are a Military Bride please reach out to Brides Across America and Glitz Bridal here in Nashville. They are giving FREE WEDDING DRESSES to military brides to be.

I encourage you to all read this heart warming story from the Tennessean yesterday. It makes me smile to see people do such great things for our Troops and their families. After-all they are the reason we are free in the land of the Brave, to Marry who we want, plus they looks so darn Handsome in those dress blues ;)

Monday, November 8, 2010


Chinnylulu is having a fabulous fall sale and giving 20% off if you use the coupon code fall2010.

Check out their fun Hair-cessories for brides, bridesmaids, and even the kiddos.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


What is that you ask? Well that is the first day of 2011 silly. Wouldn't that be a cool day to tie the knot? Renew your vows? Or get married at midnight? I think so. How cool is that date? Also, in case you need to be convinced 1.1.11 falls on a Saturday, you're welcome! :)

Here are some cool things to incorporate for a 1.1.11 wedding bash!
  • Book like, yesterday I am sure this is a popular date. I am talking vendors, sites, etc.
  • You can have a classy all white affair since this is the dead of winter.
  • Get some great deal on Christmas lights, ornaments, etc.
  • You can wear one of those fancy white faux fur shoulder wraps.
  • Mother Nature will set your backdrop for you, and save you tons of $$$

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

They aren't just your Bridesmaids....

One thing I frequently run into on wedding days is the aloofness of the Bridal Party. Much of this isn't their fault, it is just poor communication. When you ask someone to be a Bridesmaid, or Groomsman, they also take on a silent role as dress holder (while you pee), car loader (all those gifts), clean-up crew (unless you hire one), and the list goes on, and on. So when you pick a member of your bridal party, pick with care, and make sure they understand they aren't just expected to look cute in a dress/tux, their duty truly is to the Bride and Groom.

Here is a helpful list of things you as a Bride or Groom may not think of: (this is just a list of DAY OF duties) this doesn't include all those showers, and events that lead up to the big day!
  • Assist the bride in getting into her dress and makeup
  • Ask if the bride needs anything (food, water, etc) all the way up till the time she is walking down the aisle. She will really appreciate it!
  • Assist the other bridesmaids on where to go and timing, especially if they show up late.
  • Help make sure the bride has privacy if she needs some quiet time before the ceremony.
  • Be the witness in the signing of the marriage license which is an honor!
  • Groomsmen assist ushers to seat the guests to their seats, and be social prior to the wedding.
  • Take some deep breaths and walk slow when you walk down the aisle since it is common to speed up. If a groomsman walks down the aisle with you, make him refrain from talking or fooling around.
  • Always look for the unexpected since it is common for the most uncommon things to happen (i.e, something falling down at the alter). If you are close enough, fix what needs to be fixed so the bride, groom and their families can focus on the ceremony.
  • If you are single, make sure to mingle and have a great time at the party! It is mandatory to catch the bridal bouquet :)
  • If you are with your partner, make sure to dance and socialize since it means a lot to the bride and groom (when they have time to sit down) to see their friends having and creating a good time for themselves and the other guests.
  • Last, but not least, Provide moral support and be a great listener throughout the process since it is a very wonderful and "positively" stressful time for your friend. You can really make the difference!