Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I have become slightly obsessed with My Fair Wedding, David Tutera is a GENUS and I wish I had a pinkie nail of his creativity. Have you read his book? "The Big White Book of Weddings" Buy it here

Brides to be sign up HERE to be on the show and have an unforgettable day!

Davids Weddings are the grandest, and the most amazing look through his weddings HERE

Here is a Tip from David on how to give a Toast:

Who goes 1st?
1. Bride’s parents (typically, the father of the bride will give the toast)
2. Groom’s parents (note: if the groom’s parents are hosting, then they should go first)
3. Best man and maid of honor or matron of honor
4. Bride and groom
Remember: toasts do not equal speeches! Each toast should be kept short and sweet, preferably under three minutes and absolutely no more than five. ✽ The toasts themselves should include, in this order: a welcome, a thank-you, and a special heartfelt sentiment.