Monday, April 30, 2012

Move over, Cupcakes!

Photo Courtesy of Bridal Expo
While we still have a soft spot for cupcakes, they’re making way for a new sweet wedding treat, Some say. “Macaroons are the new mini cupcakes”. “They look as lovely as a petit fours or can be a pretty passed sweet on the dance floor.” Think about matching your macaroons to your wedding colors or offering them two to a box as favors. Hot flavors to try: Blackberry, caramel, mango or lemon-lime.

Picture Courtesy of French Wedding Style

Photo Courtesy of Cupcake KITSCHen

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I sheet you knot!

want to see something really cool?  This is REALLY, REALLY cool.  It is called Floral Sheeting. It is NOT your average table cloth or table runner.  Sheeting is going to be a HUGE trend coming to a wedding near you.  Or maybe your wedding?  Check this stuff out....

photo courtesy of KOYAL Wholesale

What is it? What is it made of?
You have seen this stuff your whole life, you just didn't know what it was called, or you never thought of throwing it on a table.  You have seen it in Department store displays, parade floats, the list goes on.  

photo courtesy of floral

photo courtesy of parade float

Where can I get it? How much does it cost? 
You can get floral sheeting just about any where.  
  • Party City
 Price will vary, but you are looking at $12-$29 for 3 yards or up to 15 feet.

How to use it?
  • You can make it a runner
  • lay over a solid table cloth
  • or use to add a pop of texture to your catering tables, or gift tables. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Good Night....

Picture courtesy of Juneberry

“Good Night” stations at weddings have been bidding guests adieu, giving couples another trendy way to set their "favors" apart from the rest. The best part about a goodnight station is that it can be used during any wedding no matter what time of the day or year. So, you Early Afternoon brides take note :)

Milk and Cookie stations have kicked off the trend and it has evolved from there.  See some great ideas below...

Tis the Season...
Good Day Station ideas for a Spring and Summer Weddings:
For celebrations that are during the day or during the hotter months, swap the hot beverages for cold ones. Drinks such as bottled water, soda, punch, or possibly fruit smoothies can bid your guests adieu. Iced treats can be a good way to cool off on a hot day, Popsicle and ice cream sandwiches would be ideal, if it is possible to keep them cold.

Photo Courtesy of Juneberry

 Goodnight Station ideas for a Fall and Winter Wedding:
For an evening wedding a station beside the exit can be complete with drinks such as: coffee, tea, and hot chocolate; to go with that, snacks such as: bagels, doughnuts and cookies make this station complete. For the fall, consider festive snacks for the time of year such as: apple fritters, cider, or candy apples.

photo courtesy of Juneberry

 If you are looking for a way to make your wedding stand out a goodnight station is perfect for you!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Who has two thumbs....

and is super excited about this new wedding trend? This girl.

My March Bride was the first to do this (we'll call her a trend setter).  I loved this unique idea of your guest making thumb prints instead of the usual guest book.  You can buy ink pads to match your wedding colors and have a great canvas to hang in your home after the wedding.

Get a great frame, an a sturdy table (I do NOT recommend an easel) and you're all set!!

note: this was from a birthday party, not a wedding.