Monday, August 31, 2009

Rolling with the punches....

Well you win some you lose some they say right? Valuable lesson learned from this weekend, life happens, and you always call before you are going to visit a business 3 hours away, to make sure the person you are going to see is going to be there.

D's car decided it needed a new Clutch Fan this weekend, so that was unexpected expense in the month of Wedded Bliss! We also drove all the way to Albany, KY to get D's wedding band only for the guy to be off for the weekend. It wasn't a total loss though, we were able to get the invitations DONE for his family and friends. So we didnt' forget about you! :)

Enough gloom and doom its MONDAY, haha and you probably have a 3 day weekend coming up, WOOT! This week I am finishing up Thank you notes from the Albany shower and having my last shower here at work on Thursday, then this weekend its time for the Bachlorette Party in Nashvegas! LOOK OUT!

Also to be done this week:
  • Finalize music selection with DJ for the reception
  • Check on balances due to vendors
  • Make sure out of town guest have proper travel arrangements
  • Breath, take it all in and enjoy it!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Friday!

Its FRIDAY, we made it through another week! I have a small announcement to make on behalf of my wedding party. I have decided to add a Jr Bridesmaid to my wedding party. Meg is one half of the Meg and Will twin combo, she has always been more of a little sister than a little cousin and I couldn't be happier to add her to my "line of ladies!"

If you are using JR Bridesmaids and need a good deal on dress, that you know they will grow out of, check your local retail stores. I found Meg's dress for $30 at JC Penny on the end of season clearance rack! SUPER STEAL

I hope you all have a happy and safe weekend. D and I are headed back to KY this weekend to get the rest of our shower gifts we couldn't get home last week, and to finalize his Wedding band! I am praying for a little downtime myself!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

To Elope or Not to Elope....

Now that I am over the hump, I am kinda just twiddling my thumbs and waiting on the wedding to get here. There are of course the little things to do that NEED to get done, but all in all I have the "hurry up and wait feeling." Many times through this process I have had the thought "We should have taken our closest family and friends to the Caribbean for the week and eloped" and then I think, "It will be nice to be there with ALL of our family and friends to see us join in Holy Matrimony.

Could you Elope? I mean the idea is nice but you could you really do it? I think I like to be the center of attention way to much to cut everyone out, but at the same time I am just ready to being my life with D and man and wife. Maybe you can split the difference, with a nice beach wedding and a reception back home? I am curious so cast your vote!

Survey Results -

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


We are in the home stretch! We are T-Minus 1 month and counting! I really can't believe how it has snuck up on us, then again we did this all in 100 days!

Updates from this week:
  • Monday night my mom, my brothers girlfriend, and I put together the first tissue paper pomander, it was surprisingly much easier than I thought, then again 3 of us and one pomander was cake! I think now we have the hang of it, the next 5 will go much easier.
  • Hair run through #1 was a eye opener, I still have NO earthly idea how I want my hair, and my veil is a bust, so I am on a mad hunt for a new one. The one I bought is just to darn big for the look I am going for.
  • I have confirmed all of my vendors at the 1 month mark (VERY IMPORTANT TO DO), Lottie my coordinator will do this again at the 1 week mark. I am meeting with her this weekend to finalize all itineraries and last minute details. *IMPORTANT NOTE HERE: Check your vendor contracts, many balances are due 30 to 15 days before the wedding.
  • I gave in and rented 180 black folding chairs, I just could not do white, and I got a great deal from Grand Central Party Rentals at $1.10 a chair. Not to mention they set em' up and take them home!
I am a known procrastinator, and I have lived my life my the rule "Oh, I'll get it done" let me advise you to NOT use this mentality with your wedding especially if you are doing 85% of it yourself like we are. Make your life easier by spreading craft and DIY projects out and not cramming them all in the week of the wedding, you'll go nuts!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hair Raising!

Being the daughter of one of the finest Cosmetologist in the state, has made me a little narcissistic about my W-Day hair. I have 2 count em' 2 hair run throughs this week. Tonight I will have a run through with one of mom's students at The Salon Professional Academy and on Thursday night I have a run through with the Beautiful and talented Nicole Crabtree Miller who will be doing my actual wedding day hair. Why 2 run thoughs you ask? Well, I have NO earthy idea what I want to do with my hair so mom's student will be "playing" with it to give me a better idea before I meet with Nicole. Why is my mom not doing my hair? I love my mother and we have a great relationship, and we want to be as relaxed as possible on W-Day, and any stress we can eliminate we are knocking out!

What I do know:
  • Its all up or all down, no half up and down (yuck)!
  • I hate hair in my face.
  • I have really long hair that is naturally curly so any chance of moisture on W-Day we are dunzo!
  • With my dress I think Up is the better choice.
  • Other than that, I am clueless. LOL

Monday, August 24, 2009

Where is your focus?

D and I had a great weekend with family and friends celebrating milestones and happy times. We were overwhelmed, and full of love yesterday with our shower in Kentucky, D's and his family are respected and well loved in his hometown and it showed, we had to leave gifts at his parents house that we couldn't fit in the car! We can't say Thank you enough!

Last week D rented 'Fireproof' the sleeper hit in the Christian community about making a marriage work against all odds. I had seen the movie a few month's ago while D was outta town, so when he rented it I was happy to watch it with him. I think it is great for a couple to see what work a marriage is, and how it will NOT nurture and take care of itself. A marriage is work, and takes your commitment and time. Everything will NOT be as wonderful, happy, and easy as they are right now while we are still excited about getting to our big day. The high will eventually ware off (BOOOOOOOO!).

Here are some stats for you:
  • Divorce rate in the U.S. is between 40-50% broken down over many demographics ( stats)
  • Persons who remarry have a 60% chance of seeking a divorce (stats)
  • Couples who go to church together, the divorce rate is the same as the national average (stats)
  • Couples who go to church AND PRAY together the divorce rate is LESS than 1% (stats)
No brainer right? You go to church together, worship, pray, and meet each others conditions and you are pretty set. I know this isn't always so easy, but it always ticks me off when people just say forget it and never give their marriage a fighting chance (THIS MEANS YOU JON & KATE)!!!! Nurture each other, pray for each other, and keep God as the #1 priority and focus of your marriage.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Phantom of the Candelabra


Well I made some decisions this week I thought I would share with you. I have rented my Candelabras for the ceremony portion of the program from "The Potting Shed" in Greenbrier, I rented two black 5 candle holders, and 2 single candle holders. All around 60" in height, a bit Gothic in design that match my Damask theme price $140 total. I am excited and would like to thank Denise and her team for the killer deal on my flowers that I am getting at wholesale, all flowers will clock in at $400 that includes my ALL Callalily bouquet and the very pricey green hydrangea! WOOT! Gotta love those connections, if you have them USE THEM! My cousin Ann will be putting all the flowers together as a wedding gift to me, I am so blessed to have such a great family!

You don't have connections, here are some great vendors that do rentals of Candelabras, as well as other wedding day decor:

This week chugged right along, and in 5 more weeks this will all be behind me, its really hard to believe I can't wait! As for this weekend, its my ring bearer's 4th birthday party, a Housewarming for Bridesmaid Amy, and Sunday a shower in KY at D's church! WHEW I am already tired! LOL

Happy Weekend to you all!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things...

Ok, so these two blogs are NOT wedding related directly, but they will ensure a happy home for years to come.

The First Blog-Out (Blog shout out) is $30 Weekly Grocery Challenge:
This blog is chocked full of coupons, deals, and coming soon items. If you are a mama, or just fiscally conservative like me check her out, and see what her deal of the day is. She updates many times a day!

The second blog is The Pioneer Woman Cooks:
Disclaimer, if you are on a diet do NOT visit this page, she makes the yummiest most sinful food!
On the other hand if you love to cook, like step by step illustrated instructions, and know the way to a mans heart is though his stomach, then this is your blog. Check out her, Carmel Apple Monkey Bread! I can't wait to break in all my new Wedding gifts with a few of her recipes!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Make me over!

There were two areas of vanity I refused to skimp on for W-Day, one of those will be make-up, and the other is a facial and massage two days before. I just think there are certain things a girl needs to look fresh faced and camera ready! After all, you are going to analyze every photo of you taken this day, Aunt Betty will think you are gorgeous no matter what! :)

So Where to go? Are you on a tight budget like me? You have TONS of options.

First up a Make-Up and a Shameless Plug: This is my mother's school, I have had pedicures, manicures, facials, make-up, hair cut, hair color, and style ALL done by these very talented students under the supervision of talented Cosmetologist like my mother! SHOUT OUT! :)
  • The Salon Professional Academy in Nashville- Check out their half priced pedicures and manicures every second Tuesday of the Month! Get your wedding day make-up done for $9, yes you read that right!!! Also 1/2 price Hair Cut Wednesday's!
Second the usual around town round up.
  • Angelisa Farmer did my friends make-up for her wedding and did a wonderful job. You have to have 3 participants at $75 a piece or you have to pay $225 for just YOUR face. She is super sweet give her a call at 615-426-9713 or
  • Amy Lynn Larwig gets rave reviews every where so goes, call for rates visit website.
  • I do Bridal Make-up and tattoo cover up, call or visit website
    Call Us at (866) 461-3484 or (931) 220-8573.

Massage Deals:
  • Elysium Day Spa in Brentwood (next to Target), has a deal for a 60 minute massage at $49.95 Monday-Thursday! This would usually run you $70 call Jen (a Bride-to-be) for an appointment at 615-371-4235.
  • Natural Health Institute in Cummins Station is a massage school where you can get a 60 minute massage for half the regular spa price. Call them to set up an appointment at 615-242-6811.
  • The High-Tech Insitute is another Massage School in Nashville call for details at 888-616-654.

You have options, maybe you aren't getting married and just want to get pampered? Give anyone of these schools, salons, or spas a call and see what money you can save!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yadda, Yadda

  • I have great news A Brides Storey in Murfreesboro is packing up and heading east. They have ALL their designer bridal gowns for 40%-90% OFF the retail price. Check em' out in the boro 1215A NW Broad Street.
This past weekend set the tone for my week I am afraid. Lots of "stuff" going on that will effect my big day, but nothing that by any means will hinder, or ruin it. We just have to move forward and know that things WILL fall into place. As I told someone this weekend, if anything is going to go wrong it needs to happen ON W-Day and not before, because to be honest, on W-Day all I am going to care about is Marrying a wonderful man and starting our lives together. Enough of this moving onto the updates.

UPDATE: on the Planning Process
We are officially 39 days to go and here is what I have going on.
  • Dress is at the Alterations Lady in Greenbrier, dress to be done by September 1st.
  • Invitations are 80% sent, have to finish up D's family
  • Passports have been applied for and just waiting.
  • I am working on my Candelabra rentals with the Coordinator and Florist
  • D's wedding band has been found and ordered
  • Trial Runs for hair and make-up have been set
Things I need to get Movin' on:
  • Shoes, I need shoes, but I think I found them at David's Bridal $59 bucks!
  • Decide once and for all if Favor's are in the budget
  • Finalize music selection with DJ and BP'er
  • Get wedding announcements to the Local Paper
  • Do a Trail Paper Pom for the end of Pews.
  • Pre-Wedding Counseling for our Marriage Licence
  • Send Readings to respective "readers"
WOW a lot to do, but a lot has been taken care of already. Here is my advice for today, when someone has just married looks at you and says "Just Elope" heed that advice ELOPE! haha

Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday, back again

Its Monday again (BOOOoo) and today my thoughts are as scattered as a 99 year old woman's! I am going 100 miles an hour in 10 directions. So I am picturing myself here in this hammock with a LARGE margarita!

We had our 2nd shower last night at Church it was great, we were given lots of beautiful things, and I even cried like a baby when Mrs. Gail gave me my card and wedding gift. My grandmother made her wedding dress 40 years ago, and threw her a wedding shower, so Mrs. Gail wanted to make sure I knew how much me, and my family were loved and appreciated. It was very touching, and I haven't stopped crying since! Added to that some jerk played Butterfly Kisses on the radio on my way to work, I have NEVER been this emotional in my life! So if anyone has any waterproof mascara, eyeliner, and eyelash glue tips I would love to hear it about them! LOL

Or just click here

Friday, August 14, 2009

Wedding 101

If you, or someone you know is planning a hitchin' you NEED to check this out before you hire another vendor or put down another deposit.

From the Budget Savvy Bride:
Two Ladies in Franklin have taken Wedding Planning to the next level. They are opening Wedding 101 in the Factory in Franklin, it is a complimentary service for brides, Wedding 101 was inspired by the highly successful Wedding Library and The Bridal Bar, based in New York City and Los Angeles. Brides will be able to see, hear, taste and touch the finest products and services that Middle Tennessee wedding professionals have to offer.

The 3,500 square-foot elegant yet hip showroom located in the loft above the commons area in The Factory is designed to educate and inspire brides and party throwers alike. Professional wedding vendors such as photographers, caterers, and floral designers will all market their services several ways, from Brochure Display and Shelf or Wall Display to a 30 sq. ft. Floor Display. Brides are invited to come and look through portfolios from a variety of wedding vendors all in one place saving valuable time and money.

Each month, Wedding 101 plans to host a “Tuesday Tasting,” an evening event where brides can get a taste of the latest trends in cakes and catering, as well as wedding attire, jewelry, beauty, music, photography and more. Those interested in receiving email updates on the upcoming events can register by going to the Wedding 101 website at

PLEASE, tell you friends about this, a source like this could save you a lot of time and money.

As for me, I am headed to the lake for the weekend, there will be NO wedding talk just R&R and quality time with D, and my close friends. Happy Friday ya'll!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

50th Post

WOW my 50th Post, you know what that means??? We are more than half way to W-DAY! I call it W-Day because D's dad said about his brother's wedding "The invasion of Normandy didn't take this long to plan" it cracked me up, and I started called it W-DAY.

Tonight there is a large Bridal Show going on in Mt. Juliet.....the Elegance Bridal Gala check it out if you are in the area, or looking for some wedspiration!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Moon Pies and ALE81?

So, I am trying my best to incorporate Kentucky and Tennessee theme's throughout our wedding (not the sports teams, just culture), just little details here and there. So today I had a great Idea, I was looking on and their DIY section. They have the cutest little moonpie favors you can DIY.

Note: Moonpies are made right here in Chattanooga, TN, and culture says you should have a Moonpie and RC Cola. So I thought about this soda that D always has to buy when we are in KY, its called Ale-8-One, the soft drink unique to Kentucky, has been bottled in Winchester since 1926. Do you see where I am going here? So instead of MoonPie's and RC, how about MoonPie's and Ale-8-One? Moonpie's are cheap, I am not sure about the soda, so we shall see. If not it will be a nice throw back to more simpler times.

Here is a little survey for ya:

Get This - Survey Results -

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

Ok, the Invitations are done (THANK THE LORD), if you are going to DIY invitations PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE look to see what is involved FIRST before you buy them. NO one wants to have to tape 120 ribbons to each card stock, and tack on the invitation! Any whooo, they are done and my mom is putting them in the mail today! Thanks mom!

I had my very first Bridal Shower this weekend, and I have to tell you D and I already need a bigger place! I had to hang shelves to make a pantry just so we could empty out the cabinets, but somehow we made it all work. I received some really wonderful things, and got to see all my friends and most of my family. It was a great time, and the Bridesmaid's did a wonderful job pulling it all together (they rock!!!)

This week, I am doing Thank you cards, and going to try to enjoy a little downtime, I need to take a step back and remember that I am getting married and stop letting the stress take focus. Jackie my MOH sent me a great e-mail I needed to read, that helped me put things in perspective. At the end of the day I need to focus on the big picture and quit sweating the small stuff. The wedding will come together, it will be beautiful, and it won't be perfect I need to accept that! Just a little advice to you Brides to be out there, take some time for you and your honey after all you two are what this is ALL about!

Link to the story I read: The Mayonnaise Jar and 2 Beers

Monday, August 10, 2009

Suck it in Ladies!

Since moving back home with mom and dad I now have access to the We Network (also known as the Bridezilla Channel). There is a show on the We network called "Bulging Brides" it is where they take a Bride 6 weeks out from her wedding and "transform her" before her big day. Some of these brides have 80-100lbs to lose and some only have 10-20lbs to go. Personally I could stand to lose 10 more before our big day, but my body thermometer has been pretty stuck at this weight for a while.

I thought I would share my regime with you and a few tips:
I am an avid exerciser and have tried just about every diet and exercise program under the sun, but the one thing that is the most constant and most effective is the P90X program, and I throw in bonus cardio. Studies show for the MOST effective weight loss you should do a minimum of 200 minutes of cardio a WEEK and 2 days of Strength training a WEEK. Add to that for Ladies a diet high in lean protein (Turkey, Chicken), good fats (ie nuts, olive oil, salmon etc), and low carbs full of WHOLE GRAINS not topping more than 1,500 calories a day.

My Weekly Plan:
Goal: 200 minutes of Cardio for the week
Goal: 3 Days of strength training

Monday- Triceps, Abs, Chest, and Shoulders
Tuesday- 60 minutes of Cardio (Zumba, Kickboxing, Spin)
Wednesday-Back and Biceps and 45 minutes of Cardio (Kickboxing)
Thursday- 45 Minutes of Cardio and 60 minute strength Training Class (Zumba or Spin)
Friday-Legs, and Back
Saturday-60 minutes of Cardio (Zumba or Spin)
Sunday- RELAX

This is an ideal week for me, and I am going to be religious about it for the next six weeks. I want to look my best for the big day, and our honeymoon cruise.

CAUTION: This works for me and is NOT for everyone. P90X is a program for people who are already in good shape that just need that extra boost, please choose a program that is comfortable and appropriate for you!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

2 Part'er

Part 1:
Ok first an update. I am in DIY hell right now! The super cute invitations I bought to print, and put together myself have been quite a challenge. First up the printing; due to the size and shape of the paper NO copy machine in the state of Tennessee would recognize it. Ohh except the one at Kinkos ;) So, long story short, the invitations are at Kinko's and will be ready at noon. This weekend we will assemble all 120 of them! WOOT!

So a word of wisdom, if you are going to print your own invitations go with normal sized paper and shapes, no beveled edges!!! I am still coming out ahead on cost vs. ordering invitations, I just didn't want to have to add $52 of printing to my cost. Oh well, live and learn.

Part 2:
Who wants some free stuff? OHHH ME, ME, ME!

There are lots of give aways going on today....

  • FREE MONEY, with I had known about this before I started all my online shopping: just sign up and everytime you shop online you get $$$ from their sponsored companies.
  • Brenda's Wedding Blog is giving away a $50 gift certificate to Nai Wedding Favors. See details here.
  • Classic Bride is hosting a big do-it-yourself contest, giving away over $1000 worth of prizes. See the details here.
  • Be A Planner is giving away a copy of the premiere issue Southern Weddings, signed by editor-in-chief Lara Casey. Though it was originally going to end on August 5, they've extended the contest for an extra week. See details here.
  • OneWed has just launched Wedding Pre-Party, where you can invite all of your wedding guests to chat, share tips, post photos, and where couples can keep track of checklists and manage a free wedding website.
  • Get a $55-value gift from Shutterfly when you use an American Express card to reserve your guest hotel room block through Hilton Family's group booking tool. More information here.
  • If you're looking for a great charity to donate to in lieu of giving wedding favors, consider The Fresh Air Fund, a program that gives city children the chance to experience a summer in the suburbs or the country. Learn more here.
AND YOU TENNESSEAN'S don't forget about the tax FREE Holiday this weekend, Wedding dresses, and veils fall under this!!! I am buying my veil today!

*Shout out to Snippet & Ink for all these great giveaway tips!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


No not for me! For others! I found this cute little website that offers great Bridesmaid, Groomsmen, Ring Bearer, and Flower Girl Gifts, Stationary, Invites and soooo much more!!! They are local and had a booth at Weddings the Bridal Show a month ago.

For my girls I bought their gifts this week, I like it so much, I think I am going to order one for me too! Nope can't tell you what it is, they might be reading ;)

So here is a link to the

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Nifty Fifty!

In a new world that has become all about mine and D's big day, today is a little different. Today is my mother's birthday, and she has crossed the threshold into the big 5-0!! She has never looked better! Happy Birthday mom I LOVE YOU!

Ohh and in case you missed her on New 2 last night, here is the video!!!


Monday, August 3, 2009


It has been brought to my attention that I have no idea about invitation etiquette. I guess this is a good thing since I haven't sent them out yet?!?!

So this is why I need your help....

What is the proper etiquette for a newspaper announcement if you are having an invitation only wedding? Do you put a wedding announcement in the paper before or after the wedding? If you do it before is that rude? Do people even care? HELP!!! This all news to me, I just thought you put a wedding announcement in the paper and that was it. I didn't think people read that and thought it was an open invitation to attend your wedding? It seems that my generation is NOT a paper reading one, and would NEED a formal invitation? NO? YES? MAYBE?

Is this only true of small towns like the ones D and I hail from?

So I was curious and went to the Tennessean and many people worded there announcements as follows:
  • ..."friends and family are welcome to attend, invitations were sent to out of town guest only"
  • ..."will be married September 26, 2009" no details
  • ..."will be married September 26th, 2009 at such and such church, at such and such time"
  • ..."were married September 26th, 2009"
So it seems everyone is lost! LOL

I would love any wedding guru to clear this up for me before I commit and faux pas!!!

Monday, Monday.....

I hate Monday's, my mother may be the only person who LOVES Monday's (she is off on Monday's). Speaking of Mother, we had a fiesta for her 50th Birthday on Friday night, I was able to see almost ALL my family, and close family friends. It was a great celebration and I think mom had a great time!! D and I then headed to Kentucky Saturday for a celebration for two of his closest friends, and two of his groomsmen, one just graduated Law School and the other is leaving for the Navy on October 6th. It was a great celebration and nice to meet so many people that have been a large part of D's life.

TO DO for the week:
  1. Passports, turned in TODAY (pictures are made, forms are filled out time to drop them off)
  2. Invitations, have to get the first batch labeled and addressed.
  3. Find wedding shoes so I can schedule my final dress fitting (thank you tax free weekend)!
  4. Set up Hair appointment run though!
  5. Check Lowe's or Home Depot for Centerpiece container!!!!