Thursday, July 2, 2009

Boom Boom POW!

With 4th of July just 2 days away I thought I would share my "SEND OFF" ideas with you.

I have decided to do a sparkler send off since it will be dark and I just love the look they give off at night!!!

Why I chose Sparklers?
#1 they are cheap especially when I go buy them the day after July 4th!
#2 Easy clean up
#3 Everyone LOVES sparklers
#4 Custom favors or plain match books to give to guest

Why not Rose Petals, Bird Seed, Rice etc.
#1 Yes pretty, but some one has to pick up ALL those rose petals after they are thrown
#2 Pricey, Rose petals real or fake aren't cheap
#3 not much air time on the rose petals!
#4 Rice in your eye = uncomfortable wedding night...

Alternatives for Day time?
Ribbons/Streamers on a stick, they look really neat too and you can DIY or buy them in bulk on (LOVE THIS SITE)

So Here are some shots of different send off's you can decide for yourself!!!

Don't forget about the yard sale tomorrow at 2000 Bellwood Court at my Mom and Dad! I'll make the muffins!

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