Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend where did you go?

We are MOVED! I am now back home with Ma and Pa Hoolihan and D is getting settled into our new place in Hendersonville. We have the usual moving lose ends to tie up, but all in all it was a whirl wind weekend.

Mom and I had great success yesterday in finding her MOB dress at Dilliard's (Hands down they have the best choices), it is a beautiful dress she looks FABulous in it! Now she and I both need to hunt for wedding day shoes.

With every move there is no time to eat, and what you do eat is fast food, heart attack on a plate, so D and I are back on the wagon today, back to good eating habits and exercise, which will be a challenge because as I stated I am back home, and that means home cooked meals and yummy desserts, MOM TRY TO RESIST THE TEMPTATIONS, LOL!!! There are just 61 days til the wedding, and I think my head might explode if I ponder what all has to be done between now and then, so I am just going to take it a day at a time, one project at a time!

So projects for this week (one at a time)....
  1. Passport papers and photos turned in!!!
  2. Print first box of Invitations
  3. Check out our engagement pics this weekend

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