Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Music, it is my most favorite thing in the whole world, I really do live for it! I love to hear it, sing it, play it, you name it! So when D and myself sat down and were going through songs for our big day, it was about the most natural decision we made. The best part is, we made the choices together based on songs that meant the most to us, that reflected our relationship, and our feelings for each other, our family, and friends.

>I am Irish (if you didn't already know), I have hired a bagpiper to lead my father and myself down he isle for the big day. SO EXCITED!!! He will be loud, so prepare yourself!
>We opted out of live music for the ceremony and decided to use my iPod and speakers, the song choices we made are not "sting quartet" type music.
>Reception, well we are trying to hire a DJ, but I am to stubborn to pay $500 for 4hrs of entertainment, so we are still trying to work on that. But, I promise there will be a DJ at the reception I am a dancing fool!

Here is a great website and resource for hiring musicians, entertainers, DJ's, and such. You name your price, they bid for your event.

Money saving tips:
>Get bids from everyone and don't be afraid to barter a little, they are used to this. If you have someone you want, and he is higher than another guy, tell him, see if he will price match.
>iPod it, but beware there are cords, and cables you need to pull this off. Some wedding coordinators won't even take your wedding if you are using this method, becuase of all that CAN go wrong. So test, test, test first!
>Local University students are BROKE see if you can hire them out as ceremony musicians.
>Craigslist, just make sure you get refrences or clinet testimonals. See if you can drop in on an event they have coming up!

Money traps:
>Most entertainers like DJ's are going to expect 15% graduity on top of their fee, if they didn't earn it, then don't feel obligated.
>Lighting set up, most DJ's are going to charge you $75-$100 for a lighing display, just be ready.
>Look, double check and scan your contract for all hidden fees, or traps. Take an extra set of eyes with you.

Never underestimate the value of a friendly reference if Sally had a rockin' DJ call Sally and ask her who it was!



  1. Hey there! Justin told me to check out your blog, so I became a "follower". :) I went to the bridal show downtown on Sunday and saw this device I thought you may be interested in in lieu of hiring a DJ. The company was called Spangler Entertainment and they have a Digital Jukebox you can rent for $350+tax. The guy kind've demonstrated it for me. I'm not sure if a person comes with it to monitor it throughout the reception, but basically you get with this company before the wedding and give them a list of songs that you want played at the reception and they make a database of your chosen songs. They set it up and you and your guests can go up to it and select the desired song to play or you can put it on random. Anyway... I thought since you were looking for a lower-cost alternative for a DJ this might be something of interest to you! The website is spanglerentertainment.com.

  2. Hey girl! I am glad Justin told you about me! Thank you so much for the tip! I am calling tomorrow!