Monday, July 6, 2009

Eat, Drink, and get Married!!!

Attention Brides to Be: If you don't take anything else away from my blog, please read this!

The biggest chunk of your budget is going to be your reception food and drinks. This is where you look at your guest list and "get real" you would LOVE to invite everyone you have ever met, but you can't reasonably afford to entertain them all properly.

Now for way's to get around the HUGE cost of food is to move the time of day you want to get married.

1. Brunch receptions are becoming quite popular and caterer's and venue's are willing to cut you a deal for this.
2. Early afternoon dessert ONLY receptions
3. Believe it or not full dinner (buffet style) is cheaper than heavy h'orderves, but if you are having alcohol you might want to go for the finger foods so people can pick rather than sit.
4. Booze is going to run you an extra $2-$3 a head so go for Beer, wine only and cut out the open bar. If you are going to have an open bar put a dollar amount cap on it so things don't get out of control.
4.5 Take a road trip to Atlanta and pick up the 2 buck chuck bottles of wine at Trader Joe's
5. Skip the dessert option, why do you need dessert? You have 2 cakes already?!?!?

For example a Guest List of 200 @ $12 bucks a head is $2,400 just for FOOD! So "get real" invite what you can comfortably afford, make a list of who you MUST, LOVE, and LIKE to be there and make the best decision for your budget!

D and I are meeting with the Caterer today, she has made several menus up for us to choose from to see what is most cost effective for us and our food budget. I will share the details tomorrow!

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  1. You can also save yourself a trip to Atlanta (gas money) and just buy the magnum size bottles of Yellowtail.... :)