Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Bridezilla Confessional:

I think you start this with a "Hail Mary" or something? As I sit back and reflect on our "big day" I realized I had a few Bridezilla moments though out the week of the wedding. I think it all started when I was afraid one of the Groom's brothers was going to be in the Hospital instead of the Church (luckily this didn't happen). Then a few "incidents" along the way. Here are a few I can remember, I am sure the people around me that week could think of a few more.....

  • Dave calls me Friday morning about when, where, and what for the day. We talk, hang up, and I realize my rehearsal outfit is at our apartment, I call him back he says "sure I'll grab it, but I have already left the house" I decided to call him back and say "Nah, forget it, I'll wear something else" He didn't answer this lead to my blood pressure reaching 200/150 every time his phone went to voice mail, I JUST TALKED TO HIM!....ugh Not my finest moment
  • 5:00pm on Friday (hour before rehearsal) Dave goes to pick up the Keg's, calls me "Keg's didn't get ordered, they are scrambling to find us some, she says she can have one delivered tonight" Its just beer right? So you would think! LOL
  • Morning of the wedding I sat in a Coma from about 8:00am until 12:00pm, thinking "rain, rain go away," "Listen to dad, take this all in enjoy it!" "I am going to kill my mother, why? no particular reason, she is just here?" NOT HER FAULT!

So these are the 3 highlights I could come up with from the wedding weekend and day of, It is funny to me what I would let go, and what I held onto, and chose to get angry about. In the end, Brides choose your battles and there isn't anything that is going to happen that weekend that will keep you from the alter!!!

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