Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Preserving your Cake Tier!

No one wants to eat freeze dried stale cake. Follow these simple steps to Preserve your cake tier!

How It Works
Instruct your catering staff to take off the top tier of the wedding cake and box it for transport. Appoint a "cake captain" to take it home and 1) remove the sugar flowers and set them aside; 2) wrap the (unadorned) cake in several layers of plastic wrap (never use aluminum foil); 3) seal the wrapped cake in an air-tight bag; and 4) store it in the freezer. Chill the cake well before wrapping so that the icing hardens (this way it won't stick to the plastic wrap and make a mess).

Why Do It
With all of the dancing and mingling to be done, chances are you won't be able to fully enjoy your cake on your wedding day. Freezing and eating the cake on the first anniversary is a very sentimental and romantic tradition. Plus, everyone will ask if you did it!

$0. But if you forgo freezing, as many couples do, and would prefer to order a fresh single tier in the same flavor as the original wedding cake, expect to pay $20-150.

Shelf Life
For best results, store cake for no longer than two months, forgoing the first-anniversary tradition. Like anything else kept in the freezer for long, cakes will definitely be a bit stale after one year. If you do decide to save your cake for the full year, focus on the nostalgia, not the flavor.

Choose cakes that freeze well -- delicate cakes dry too fast. Best bets: chocolate, hazelnut, almond, and carrot cake. Freezer faux pas: White cake, fresh fruit, and whipped cream fillings. Snag a ribbon (from your bouquet, the centerpieces, your hair, a gift) and tie it around the cake package to mark it while it lives in the freezer.

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