Monday, February 15, 2010

What to do if?.....

Your Father hates your step-father? Aunt Jo and Mom haven't spoken in years? Or you have any family members on the outs? I had a bride to be ask me who gives me away, my dad or step-dad if we are equally close?

Here are a few ideas to help things run a little smoother, and to avoid any family drama.

1. Have a "family meeting" and tell your family this is your day, and you won't let any petty family argument ruin it, THE END!

2. You can have your father (brother, step-father, mother) walk you down the aisle, and when you get to the end have ALL parties giving you away stand and when the preacher ask "Who gives this woman..." they say "We DO!"

3. Seating Charts are a great idea, if you have guest that don't need to be near one another on your big day.

4. Enlist the help of your day of coordinator, make her aware at your rehearsal so she can do her best to keep parties separated on the big day.

5. Pray, that these 'grown-ups' can put their differences aside for you.

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