Tuesday, June 1, 2010

to do, or not to do a Holiday Weddings?

Fresh off a Holiday weekend, many of you Brides to be out there maybe thinking of taking the plunge on another Holiday weekend. What are the pros and cons of making this choice?

For starters:

> You have an extra day for celebrating(and/or recovery!)
>Getting married on a Sunday is less expensive than holding a Saturday wedding.
>Take into consideration your guest list when getting married on a holiday weekend. Airfare, travel and hotel rates are usually higher on holiday weekends and flights may be very limited due to holiday traffic.
>Some families have standing plans or traditions on holiday weekends that they may not be willing to forgo to attend a wedding.
>Rental equipment may cost more if you can't return it until Tuesday or pay the extra charge for a weekend pick-up (VERY COSTLY)
>Caterers and other vendors may charge more for having to work a Holiday weekend.
>Book early these dates get filled up fast!!!
>Ask LOTS of questions when booking vendors look for hidden fees when it comes to delivery and take away.

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