Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Religous Customs

are you Baptist? Have you even been to a Jewish wedding? NO!? Have one coming down the pipe and not sure what to do? If you should go? etc. Here are some helpful hints for those of you that might be intimidated by other cultures or religions. 'Mazel Tov', 'Maashallah', 'Congratulations'

Catholic: Most weddings include communion, which is offered only to those who have received their First Holy Communion in the Catholic Church. If you aren’t Catholic, stand so that any Catholics in your row may pass, then sit back down and wait quietly.

Jewish: The wedding service is often in Hebrew, but if you don’t understand the language, try to enjoy the spirit, music, and company around you. Men, no matter what their faith, are generally expected to wear skull caps or yarmulkes inside the synagogue. You’ll most likely find them being given out just outside of the doors.

Muslim: Most Muslims do not have a public ceremony, only a public reception.

Mormon: Most Mormon wedding ceremonies are restricted to only practicing Mormons. Don’t be offended if you aren’t invited to the ceremony.

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