Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Confessions of a bad blogger....

I am a bad blogger, I know, let the lashing begin. I have been traveling quite a bit for work lately, and work is pretty much running the show. I did want to try and get a few post in this week and hopefully pick up the pace for you fall brides.

Easy, frugal, homemade favors!

-The first favor you could make and give your guests is Candies in tulle.

1. You just have to cut the tulle in the shape of square, the size must be no larger than 6’ x 6’ inches

2. Place the candies of your choice and color in the middle part of the square tulle.

3. Then gather all the sides of the tulle then tie a ribbon around

4. Personalized M&M's are a nice touch!

-In case, you don’t have a centerpiece for your wedding and at the same time you need a wedding favor, a simple plant which is planted in a pot is a nice choice. It will not only add color to your reception, but the guest can treasure them after the wedding celebrations, other centerpieces will not have these effect and appreciation from the guest.

1. First step is to plant seeds in a small pot.

2. Let it grow until it is ready on your wedding day.

3. Here is a list of plants that grow well indoors!

-The last suggestion for a homemade wedding favor is a champagne glass full with chocolates.

1. Step one is to get a champagne glass, you can use the plastic type so it will be cheaper.

2. Fill the glass with chocolates

3. Cover up the mouth of the glass with tulle, the tulle must reach the stem of the champagne glass.

4. Secure the stem with ribbon

5. You can add up accessories like silk flowers or charms.

Moreover, a visit to craft store might be helpful, you could look around for other projects that you can make as your homemade wedding favors. The selections there are plenty, so pick out what you like best.

Your wedding is the day to start with your new life together and the souvenirs must be special as your relationship is. Homemade wedding favors are one means to make your wedding exceptional and unforgettable not just for you but to your guests as well.

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