Monday, November 15, 2010

How Rude!

I am going to vent just a little bit in this post so prepare yourself.....

I had the privilege of working with a wonderful couple this weekend. I was there to do their day of coordinating and all that goes with that! The couple was great, their friends, and family, were wonderful. The band however was NOT so wonderful, I will omit their name for fear of litigation, but let me get to the point of my HOW RUDE post.

Brides, when you you hire a vendor, they are NOW contracted to work for you upon the day and time you specify. They have to adhere to the guidelines of their contract as well as the rules and regulations placed by the venue. I can NOT stress how important it is to get things in writing. A vendor can't change their mind, and ideas unless you didn't get it in writing.

The band hired for this gig was very unprofessional and made MANY demands, and had spouses, and teenage children CRASH this couples reception. There were underage children drinking at this reception that were "guest" of the band. There was nothing in the contract that stated they were allowed to add their own "guest" to a reception they were NOT paying for. This has just burned me alive ALL WEEKEND!!! I politely had to excuse the underage guest and spouses from the venue, after all it would have fallen back on my couple if any damages, or harm had come from their attendance.

Before you hire ANY vendor ask for referrals, ask friends, reach out to anyone in the industry. This will help insure one last thing to worry about on your big day.

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  1. Oh that's really rude and disgusting. Thanks for sharing this story.