Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to the newly engaged!  Congratulations on your engagement.  There is really no other time like this in your life, so try not to let the pressures of an engagement steal the sweetness of the next several/few months. 

Speaking of stress, have you started to budget for your big day?  Daunting isn't it?  Again, you can do this, and guess what you can do this on a BUDGET and still have a fabulous wedding.  Make a list, what are the 3 things I absolutely will NOT compromise?  Music, Caterer, photography, DJ, flowers, etc.  Everyones list is different, that is why this is YOUR day.  Best of luck, and please contact me if you would like help with your big day :)

Happy Planning...

Need a little budget inspiration?  Check out this $2000 wedding from this beautiful bride.

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