Tuesday, March 9, 2010

always read the fine print...

you say "My location has an on-site coordinator that will take care of me the day of."


Will the on-site coordinator do all for you that your wedding coordinator will? From many, many weddings and past experiences, day of coordinators do a variety of things for brides, each wedding being out of the ordinary, and to this day I haven't met an on-site coordinator that will do any of the following. Before you make the statement above, think about if your on-site coordinator will go above and beyond for you.

1. Your bridesmaid's are wearing strands of pearls and pearl earrings. 3 of your 6 bridesmaid's didn't get that memo and now we are 3 short, meaning we make a run to the nearest location that would have that item and pick up those 3 sets you need for a complete look. Would your on-site coordinator do that?
2. You have a gorgeous Monique Lhuillier wedding dress, your dream design, that has an incredible French bustle, and before you and your new husband step out onto the dance floor, you need the incredibly difficult ribbon system decoded to create this one of a kind bustle you spent months, and many dollars, designing. To create this, your wedding planner is tucked between your legs :) to make this incredible design happen.
3. Unfortunately, one of your dear guests didn't RSVP for themselves and their wonderful boyfriend and now we're in a seating dilemma for your plated dinner. They don't see an escort card for them as a couple and now we need to make rearrangements for your guests to join the party.
4. Your DJ has made a terrible mistake on the song choices and is completely screwing up. He or she most definitely needs some redirection and we are there to put them back on track!
5. Your petticoat to give your dress the extra oomph that it needs was left at home, as you discover 15 minutes before your pictures begin. Many calls later, a petticoat is found close by at a bridal shop and is purchased just in time for pictures!
6. Last minute, after months of deliberation, you decide that you would like to have that makeup artist come in and treat you to your own personal beautifying application, 3 days before your wedding. Will the on-site coordinator swoop in as the wedding hero and track down a makeup artist to not only do your makeup on the day of, but will also do a makeup application for your mother for free as well, and will come to you?
7. Will your on-site coordinator come over to the ceremony site and make sure that your ceremony runs smoothly, bridal party gets down the aisle, and you become the Mrs. that you have dreamed of for so long?

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