Thursday, March 25, 2010

How to include Children

I get a lot of questions about Children and weddings, or about 2nd weddings in General. I am going to touch on a few ways you can include your children in your wedding whether it is your 1st or 5th Wedding.

1. Unity Ceremony's in a traditional setting, your mother would be the one that starts this, but you can have your children involved as well. Try Sand, kids and fire are a bad combo!

2. Invitations say Bob and Julia "with their families" should cover the kiddo's.

3. Your kids make great flower girls, maid of honors, ring bearers, and best men!

4. Vows, find a way to incorporate the children into the vows, by making a vow not only to your husband/wife but to the child/children as well.

5. First Dances, make them a part of the first dance, just not all of it. After all this is about you and your honey, not just the kiddos.

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