Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rural Venue! For SUPER cheap!

Most of you Nashville brides may have your heart set on Belmont Mansion, Two Rivers Mansion, or one of the other 100 mansions that are scattered all around our great city, but what if I told you that you can have your wedding at a Nashville style Mansion for a fraction of the price? The only thing you have to sacrifice is the zip code?

Have your attention? Good, here is Rose Mont Mansion, built circa 1842 and located in beautiful rural Gallatin, TN. Wanna know the best part? You can get married here for ONLY $600. Wipe your lip, you read that right $600, you can have a house, the grounds and the Reception Hall. Wanna have a rehearsal add $100 to the price. Don't believe me? Read it for yourself HERE

Rose Mont is not only affordable they also have tables, 10 60" tables to be exact, and 200 White folding chairs. You can set them up yourself for just a rental fee, or have them do it for a small price (worth it to me!)

Take the beautiful drive out to Rose Mont and see it for yourself. There are plenty of Hotels, and eateries in Gallatin for your guest and their needs, heck any town with a Wal-Mart is a WIN in my book!


  1. Rose Mont is our venue and we're getting married this Sunday 10.10.10! Erleen is manager/security and is super easy to work with. The 6 hours on rehearsal day to decorate was so worth $100. Be sure to check our blog for post wedding pix!

  2. Congrats on your big day this weekend! I was out by this spot last weekend, and I was blown away and had to share it this week! Great find, wish I had found it a year ago! :)

  3. Great find!