Saturday, June 16, 2012

App-solutely Awesome!!!

How would you like to see ALL your friends "phone" wedding pictures in one place before you are tagged in them on Facebook?  Well, you can.  The Wedding Snap App for iphone and Android instantly gathers the pictures your guests take at your wedding in one online private album. How cool is that?  You can add a note to the guest tables for your guest to download the app and share!  This is definitely a one up on those cheesy disposable cameras you have to get developed!

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  1. It is very nice and useful wedding picture app. A friend of mine using the wedding planner iPhone app for his wedding planning and i will recommend the wedding snap app to her.

  2. Been to wedding couple of weeks ago and bride asked not to publish pictures on FB or other social media, but use this app instead. DO you think nobody published pictures on FB? Next morning there was plenty lol
    Some people just don't care