Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Does this make me look fat?

How many times have you asked this question in a fitting room to a sweet friend who said "no, you look great" LIAR, LIAR pants on FIRE! I had the self esteem booster of a life time this weekend, I went and tried on a Bridesmaid Dress for a my BFF's wedding that is in April (2 weeks after my due date). Ladies, let me tell you NEVER, NEVER try on a dress for a wedding when you are 27 weeks pregnant, it is not the uplifting experience your emotions need. The dress is beautiful, me in it, well that is another story. Since I was there by myself, I had to wait 5 minutes or so for the lady to zip me up each time I tried on a dress. While I stood there bewildered by my figure, I couldn't help but notice how many BRIDES were trying on dresses that were NOT right for their shape, but had family or friends saying "NO YOU LOOK GREAT", again LIAR, LIAR pants on FIRE!

Ladies if there is one time in your life you need to GET REAL with the REAL YOU, it is when you try on a wedding dress. We are all unique in size and shape, and for that there are 1,000's of dresses for just your shape alone!

Here are some tips to help you find the right dress for YOU, and YOU ONLY!

  • Ball Gowns
    Ball gowns work for:
    Thin and tall brides, triangle or rectangle figures, slight pear shaped figure, slim hourglass figures.

    If you are tall and slim with a well balanced shape, a classic ball gown can work great. If your figure is less than perfect, try a less defined waist or a less full skirt with perhaps some ruching to soften the look

    Ball gowns won't work for:
    Petite figure, pronounced pear-shaped figure or larger hourglasses.

    While often recommended to disguise a pear shape, this is only true of the hips are just slightly wider than the shoulders, those with larger hips will find it disguises nothing but emphasizes the hips instead. These are statement dresses and can overwhelm small brides.

  • A-Lines (most popular style)

    A-Line will work for:

    Petite or full-figured brides, short waists

    The simple lines of an a-line dress can make a small bride look taller and a full figured brides one slimmer. It is also flattering for the pear-shaped, especially with a lower waistline.

    A-Line won't work for:

    Thick waists, hourglass figures.

    If your waistline is large, the dress will end up looking straight - effectively losing the a-line that gives it it's name, and will emphasize your waist. While hourglass figures can wear a-line dresses, they will not be making the most of their curves if they do.

  • Empire Waist Line

    Empire line works for:
    Petite figures, larger waist, small bust

    Brides who don't want a figure-hugging dress should consider an empire line. It is good to conceal a larger waist. Tends to elongate the body, giving an appearance of being taller.

    Empire line won't work for:
    Curvy, pear-shaped or full figures.

    Tends not to work with a larger bust, and the line of the skirt emphasizes larger hips.

  • Column or Sheath Dresses
    Column dresses work for:
    Slim, tall brides, rectangle and triangle body shapes

    Column dresses have a very sleek modern look and can be stunning.

    Column dresses won't work for:
    Curvy, pear-shaped or full figures. Short brides.

    A column dress hides nothing - it follows the body contours, wherever they are! They can make a short slim bride seem insignificant, especially if the groom is tall.

  • Mermaid or Trumpet Dresses

    Mermaid dresses work for:
    Slim but curvy or hourglass figures

    Very good on an hourglass figure, showing off the curves of the body to perfection.

    Mermaid dresses won't work for:
    Pear-shaped or full figures. Curves need to be in proportion and a waist which is noticeably smaller than the hips or shoulders is essential for this style.

Bottom Line ladies, take your overly honest mother, your blunt friends, and the people who's option you trust and admire. Also BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF, you know what your body looks like better than anyone else.


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