Thursday, June 18, 2009

How did we get here?

By: MOH Jackie Crumley

David moved to Nashville in August of 2008, not long after that he started work at R.T. Fischer High School . There he met Amber's long time friend Daniel Claytor, who was a counselor at the school. Daniel got to know David and thought he would be a great fit for Amber. He worked some magic and after some convincing was able to get the two in touch. After several phone conversations, David and Amber decided to meet at the Starbucks in Rivergate for coffee.

Amber was her usual 15 minutes late, so David called his buddy to tell him, "I don't think she is coming, man, I am going to leave." Right then, time slowed down, the wind machine started to blow, and Amber walked through the door, just like in the movies. He nearly spilled his Frappachino! (yes, it was a Frappachino) They chatted, decided to go out to dinner, and had a wonderful evening. David thought, "Yeah, she was great, but I am not looking for anything serious. So I probably won't call her again." Amber thought, "man he is a giant smart aleck, but he sure does have some cute dimples. Maybe he will call?"

Divine intervention, fate, serendipity, or kismet - call it what you like but he called her again! They began dating and quickly fell for each other. Recently, David asked Amber for her hand in marriage and the two could not be happier!

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