Friday, June 26, 2009

Picture This....

By far the most stressful decision I have had to make is WHO is going to capture our big day through the eye of a lens?! There are 100's of different photographers in Nashville, all with various degree's of talent, styles, packages, and pricing. It is really all about your personal style and finding a photographer that can capture your style. What do you mean Amber?

1. Are you a Pose ONLY kinda Bride? Do you want to be told to stand here look here tilt your head to the left 3/4 degree? Maybe you are a candid bride, you want them to capture both of you and your love for one another, almost like the paparazzi you don't even know are there (this is my style).

2. How much are you willing to spend, a GOOD photographer is going to cost you $1000-2,000. A 5 star Photog is going to run you into the $5,000 range. So budget accordingly.

3. Time, how much time are you getting for your money, just about every photographer has a minimum of 4 hours of coverage all the way up to the WHOLE day, again its all about the budget.

4. It is so important to look at the work of the photographer online, thorough a book, or a friend referral!!!

5. Meet with the Photographer ask them LOTS of questions, make sure you get along, you are going to be with them more than your spouse to be on wedding day!

6. What is your back up plan in case your camera breaks? How long can I order prints from you? Can I order prints from you? Do I get a digital copy of ALL my photos?

Pictures will be all you have once the memory of your big day starts to fade, so make sure you INVEST wisely in a great photographer that will capture the true love between you and your honey!

Here are some talented Nashville Area Photogs (just to name a few):

As for me, I have narrowed it down to 3 Photographers (not the 3 above), I am now making sure I get the best deal for the money I am going to spend, and who has our best interest at heart on W-Day!


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  1. Very good advice! Thanks for the shout-out also :)