Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ring a Ding Ding!!!

So how did he do it? Well for those of you that know Dave this story will not come as a shock, for those of you that don't I hope you can see the Humor in it.

Dave met me for lunch at work on 6/17/09, he came in and met some of my co-workers and then we headed to lunch at Dan McGuinness one of our favorite places. As we stepped out of the car Dave walked over and gave me a huge and started to say sweet things in my ear. I said to him "we are pathetic, we have only been apart for a day" He said "I know we are" as he said that he placed a small round object in my hand and then went for his knee, I just kept saying, "Dave, David, David, DAV-ID, DAVID, OMG" During this he apparently asked me to be his wife, I didn't hear him becuase I was to busy talking (shocker), so we hugged (still in the parking lot), and kissed. Dave then looked at me and said "I know this isn't the story you want to tell our children, but that ring was burning a hole in my pocket!" For me it was perfect, it was 100% real from the heart, and all Dave. I couldn't be more proud of him!

So that is it WE ARE ENGAGED!

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