Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Looking for a few Honeymoon ideas? Frugal ideas? I have a few recommendations and helpful hints for you as you plan that big get away!!!

>St. Lucia and Barbados are a tranquil get away and Almond Resorts is offering killer deals starting at $100pp per night!!!!!!

Check then out HERE

>Jamaica without all the hustle and bustle? Ok, check out Half Moon beach, it is ideal for a get away , honeymoon, or day cruise. Cabins start at $65 a night!!!!

Check them out here

>Cancun? this all inclusive go to can be a little more upscale than Spring Break if you let it. I have had several friends stay on these properties and they LOVED it!

Check them out here

>Gatlinburg or bust? Check out this cabin rental that is nestled in the Tennessee wilderness, they are offering 20% off most rentals right now.

Check them out here

>Georgia on your mind? I have personally stayed in this house, although its a little big for just the two of you,it is ideal for family getaways, and vacations. It has a private pool, hot tub, game room, projector TV, and all the bells and whistles you can imagine. It is also on top of a bluff in the middle of the beautiful Georgia Mountains.

Check them out here

A few more links:
>Never underestimate the power of the Rental by Owner VRBO.COM offers great deals world wide (check out the deals you can get in Hawaii!)

>McCoy Custom Travel offers killer deals from the US to Fiji

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