Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Puppies and Weddings!

The Tennessean posted this a while back for all you animal lovers. Check it out!

Involving Your Pet in the Big Day

Getting married involves a lot more than just saying “I do.” And recently, we find increasingly, pet-loving couples are including their pets in their wedding day activities. Couples who are very close to their pet, whether it be a dog, cat, ferret or bird, want them involved just as much as family and friends.

If you’re thinking of including your pet in your nuptials, there’s a lot to think about. To start, make a list of things to consider before having your pet participate. Answering questions like these can make your decision a bit easier:

1. Will the wedding venue allow pets?
2. Does your pet have the right social skills to be around a crowd of people?
3. Is your pet easily excitable and prone to barking or making noise?
4. Would your pet beg for food at the reception or jump on tables?
5. How will you handle your pet should he have an accident or act out during the wedding?

Having these challenges mapped out ahead of time will give you some peace of mind come the big day. If you do choose to have your “best friend” involved in the wedding, whether he’s dressed up and walking down the aisle or just sitting in the front row as an attendant, here are some helpful tips on making sure he is comfortable and secure.

1. Appoint someone you trust to be in charge of your pet during the wedding. Give this person your pet’s leash or a favorite toy to ensure your pet feels at home.
2. Practice with your pet. You rehearse for the wedding, right? Why not rehearse with your pet, too? If you plan on dressing up your pet in a costume such as a tux or frilly dress, make sure your pet is comfortable in the outfit and knows how it will feel to walk down the aisle in character.
3. Inform your attendants ahead of time that your pet will be included. Having everyone on the same page can help your guests and wedding party better prepare in case something goes awry.
4. Always be flexible. So many things are unpredictable when it comes to weddings, the weather, for example. The same goes with pets. Even after lots of practice, you can never be sure what to expect. If you give yourself some wiggle room when it comes to your pet’s participation, you can save yourself both time and trouble.

If you’re still unsure, talk to other couples who have been through the same situation. Sometimes advice from others can help you determine whether it’s appropriate to have your pet involved. Being prepared can help ensure your day is full of lasting memories from the inception to the reception. And including your pet can bring so much joy—not to mention some priceless photographs!

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