Thursday, September 30, 2010

Where did she go?

I have been MIA lately as a blogger, and a wedding guru. Why? Well, we have had lots going on in the DeForest house. We have moved into a house that we had to redo top too bottom. I have been traveling LOTS for work lately, but somehow D and I managed to squeeze in some time to visit friends in NYC for our 1 year anniversary, and the baptism of their sweet twins. D is the Godfather (say it like Brando)! Our 1st year of marriage has been more than I could have ever prayed and hoped for!!! I am truly blessed.

We also have learned some news about our own little family. We are expecting a bundle of joy in early April (no fools)! I guess this is what happens when you move, have no TV, kitchen appliances, or counter tops for a functioning kitchen. LOL I have added some 1st anniversary pics for your viewing pleasure, and I promise to get back on the wedding bandwagon PRONTO!

Have a great day!

The top tier of our cake made the trip
really it was just as good as it was 365 days ago
Dave loved it too!
There is a baby the size of peach in there!
Dave and the Twins

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