Friday, September 17, 2010

New Venue Alert!

I am coordinating a FABULOUS wedding for Bride to be Lynn and groom Aaron in late April, the two of them turned me onto a new Venue in the heart of Nashville. It is called "Houston Station" it is near Greer Stadium and gives rustic a new name. Think Cannery Ballroom, or City Hall (R.I.P), but more intimate and affordable.

A few Facts about Houston Station:
>Seats up to 250 guest (300 standing)
>Hardwood floors, and exposed brick are a break from the standard hotel ballroom
>The space is large and flexible
>Open policy allows you to use your own vendors at no extra charge!
>Part of Events Nashville

Come look at Houston Station. You won't be disappointed.
Contact for more info!


  1. wow, cool! when you say "affordable".... can you give us a ballpark on how affordable? :)

  2. Your looking at $3K, and that includes valet service for you guest.