Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Beg, Barter, or Steal!!!

Do you have a special talent? Maybe you are the best Monogrammer (is that a word?) this side of the Cumberland? Or you dabble in graphic design? Or maybe, your mom is the head of some fancy school and can get kids enrolled? Do you have any special powers that can work to your advantage as a trade with a wedding Vendor?

For example: The Budget Savvy Bride from Smyrna, TN is a graphic designer, she designed a logo for the photographer she wanted in exchange for $2,000 in wedding photography. CHA CHING! Her website is really helpful check her out at:

So rack your brain, you or someone in your family may have something to offer a wedding vendor in exchange for their services. You never know until you ask!

Update: The meeting with the Caterer went really well last night, I can't wait to NOT taste any of that food I picked out! LOL

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  1. Ha! You are right about that... I didn't get to eat anything on my wedding day... I ate leftover fruit before we left that night, I think.