Wednesday, July 22, 2009

To Do's

So I finally updated our To do list last night, it feels so good to cross stuff off, but worse to add things to it!

  • DJ
  • Wedding Ceremony Music
  • Caterer
  • Table Cloth Rentals
  • Engagement Pics Taken
SO what did we add?
  • Passports (ASAP!!!)
  • Pick music for BP to play at wedding
  • Hair and Make up Run through appointments
  • Finalize Cake design
  • Finalize Rehearsal Menu
  • Print Invitations
  • Dress Alterations appointment

So for as much as I took off I added more, YIPPIE I am sure I will look back on this list a year from now and laugh? Right?! I hope so! We are having the best time planning this shindig, and somebody called me Mrs. DeForest on the phone yesterday it made me giggle. If you didn't know by now I CAN'T WAIT TO MARRY THIS MAN!!!

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