Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wedding Happenings.....

Here are a couple links from around the web and a little blurb about my floral arrangements.

There was a web contest on for best of the best when it comes to planning, designing, budgeting, capturing, and enjoying weddings. Here is a link to the list of winners. The Budget Savvy Bride I always mention received an Editors Pick!

I realized yesterday I haven't mentioned anything about my floral arrangements. Woops! Not because I haven't figured it out, but its not one of my Top 3 things I needed to be AWESOME for my wedding, flowers are pretty, period. I am totally trusting in my cousin Ann and a family friend to pull it off for me. They have an amazing eye for detail (that I don't) and have the connections and supplies needed for my big day.

Flowers I am using, I am going to leave something out but you will get the gist! My bouquet will be ALL calla lilies (these puppies are expensive, so I am the only one getting them). D's boutonniere will match my bouquet. The Bridesmaids, mama's and grand mama's will have a hodgepodge of White Roses, Irish Belle's, Green Hydrangeas, and other stuff I am forgetting.

For the reception we are going to use tall crystal skinny vases with an arrangements sitting on top of Green Hydrangeas, White Roses, Snap Dragons, Green Moss, and about 13 other flowers I can't remember. I am using silks for the Hydrangeas #1 they look better in September #2 they are cheaper #3 they look better than the real deal.

To cut corners on flower check out these hot spots:
  • Farmers Market, they will always have what is in season (and that is the cheapest route)
  • Wholesale flower websites, like flowers and supplies
  • Talented Family friend or family member who can do artsy flower arrangements.
  • Use what you have, get in the attic or under that sink
  • Old Time Pottery, Hobby Lobby, etc have killer deals on vases!!!

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  1. Hey girl - FYI... We used vases from Hobby Lobby and cleaned them out when we were finished and returned them... I know it sounds awful, but what are you going to do with a ton of vases when all of it is over with anyways?