Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Favor me!

To Favor or not to Favor that is the question? One of the first things to be cut from a Bride-to-be's budget can be the favors for guest. It can be a large expense that you can not afford, or just chose not to, because your company, and party you are throwing are enough?!?!

Here are a few Idea's and a cost break down.
DIY Candy Bar: $227.95
The DIY method is the cheapest way to go here, you can buy vases and canisters from Old Time Pottery, Yard Sales, and your mothers attic. Buy candy in bulk from or
*The Budget Savvy Bride did her's to match her YELLOW and Teal color scheme.

Personalized Candy wrappers and M&M's, Water Bottles, Jones Cola etc: $11-up per unit
Click here

Koozies: .89-.99 cents a piece
Personalized Koozies are neat, you can google many different companies on the web, some have a high minimum order so beware! Collapsible are the cheapest way to go!

Home baked goodies: Supplies and Family
Jackie's brother was married last Labor day weekend and his mother, her mother, and grandmothers made homemade fudge, cookies, and various goodies for guest to take as favors.

DIY Personal Style: Varies
Here is an idea I have entertained, I am just not sure I have the counter space or man power to pull off 200 of these! But they sure are neat!

There are SO many idea's out there, look around and see what would be special to you, and a special memento for your guest! Here is a great link!

What to put the favors in?
There are just as many vendors for that as their are favor ideas! Google around, see who will let you personalize, just do white "Chinese take out boxes"
Favor Boxes

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